CBS Spreads More Lies about Climate and Extreme Weather

Today’s Google search for the term “climate change,” turned up this whopper of a story put out by CBS News, “Wildfires and weather extremes: It’s not coincidence, it’s climate change,” claiming “Right on the heels...

Radical Actions to Fight Climate Change Are Worthless (Guest: Benjamin Zycher)

Nobel prize winning economist William Nordhaus has come under sustained attack from the environmental left because the integrated model he developed to consider the economic and environmental impacts of climate change and policies proposed...

World Economic Forum Denies UN Climate Science, Invents Fake Drought Crisis

The World Economic Forum (WEF) – a globalist organization comprised of the world’s leading political figures, billionaires, and international corporations – published an article today claiming a global drought crisis that is explicitly refuted...

No, CNN, Craters in Siberia Aren’t Caused by ‘Climate Change’

The phrase "never let a potential climate crisis story go to waste" must be in CNN's news handbook because this headline has absolutely nothing to to with global warming aka climate change. The story at...

Prominent Meteorologist Admits Climate Debate Is About ‘Justice’

Prominent climate activist and meteorologist Eric Holthaus has admitted that climate change activism is not about climate science, but really about “justice.” Holthaus' admission is merely the latest in a long line of 'scientists'...

The Truth About U.S. Temperatures

Are we seeing temperatures higher than ever before? The Heartland Institute's Andy Singer looks at temperature records to get to the bottom of this question. For more detailed data, check this out.

Guardian warns ‘last chance’ on climate change, after many other ‘last chances’

If we do not heed this latest last chance, I’m sure there will be another last chance in the near future, just like all the previous last chances we've been given in the past...

Megadroughts in Texas? Business as usual for mother nature

An article in the Texas Tribune, appearing among the top Google News searches this week for “climate change,” claims Texas ranchers are bracing for a megadrought brought on by climate change. The article claims,...

MIT Scores Big Climate Donation by Promoting False Crop Claims

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology published an article this morning falsely claiming climate change causes crop failure, hunger, and poverty. The article, titled “$25 million gift launches ambitious new effort tackling poverty and climate...

No, June 2020 Was Not the Hottest June on Record

The Washington Post and other media outlets are claiming June 2020 was the hottest June on record. Not surprisingly, that is fake news and a lie. Let’s set the record straight. The root of the...

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