Forbes Fables Part 3: Rising Global Food ‘Insecurity’ as Yields Set Records

Among the top Google News search results for “climate change” today, Forbes published an embarrassingly fictitious article making several false claims about climate change and rice production. The Forbes article is titled “Rice, Climate...

Sorry, Google and World Bank, but Middle Eastern Crops Keep Thriving

Google News today is promoting articles (see the Google-promoted PhysOrg article here, for example) about a speculative World Bank “study” claiming climate change is threatening crop production in the Middle East. The World Bank...

Reuters Claims Crop Crisis as Yields Keep Setting Records

Reuters embarrassed itself by publishing a March 20 article raising alarm about global warming impacts on crop production. The article claims climate change is imperiling global crop production, yet United Nations crop data show...

Revealing Joe Biden’s Deception in New Climate Change Ad

Recently, Joe Biden released a new climate change ad featuring tart cherry farmers in Michigan. This ad was full of shoddy facts and deliberate deception. Andy Singer breaks the whole ad down and provides...

Nigeria May Need Bio-Tech Crops, but Not Because of Climate Change

A recent search of Google news for the term “climate change’ turns up a story published by the Genetic Literacy Project saying Nigeria needs to begin using biotech crops in response to climate change. In...

U.N. Rejects Its Own Data to Claim ‘Climate Change’ Threatens Mass Starvation in Madagascar,...

A recent search of Google news for the term “climate change’ turns up a number of stories in the mainstream media promoting the United Nations (UN) World Food Programme saying climate change is causing...

Nat Geo Goes ‘Me Too’ on Cranberry Climate Fables

National Geographic is exploiting Thanksgiving weekend by scaring people into believing climate change is “coming for New England’s cranberries.” As reported here last week at Climate Realism, however, cranberry production in New England and...

The world owes U.S. climate reparations

Climate change is sparking record global crop production.

Wired Got Its Wires Crossed on Crops, Which are Setting Records, Not Declining

A story in Wired claims climate change is harming crop yields. Nothing could be further from the truth. Data shows crop production and yields have grown substantially during the recent period of modest warming,...

North Dakota Professor and the Williston Herald Mislead about Ag-Climate Connection

The Williston Herald (North Dakota) published a story claiming climate change is both a significant cause of climate change and is being decimated by it. Both claims are false. Data show agriculture does not...

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