University ‘Researcher’ Says Michigan Becoming Too Hot to Grow Fruit – As Florida Fruit...

A Michigan State University researcher told the media that in 20 or 30 years, it may be too hot to grow fruit in Michigan. The assertion was reported in the Michigan Herald Review article,...

Media’s Fake Coffee Crisis Defies Record Yields, Relies on Dubious Projections

An article in Massive Science, highlighted at the top of today’s Google News searches for “climate change,” claims global warming is threatening a coffee bean crisis. However, the media’s incessant coffee-bean scares ignore record...

Media Promote Coffee Climate Emergency, as Production Reaches New Records

Among the top Google News search results today under “climate change” is an article published by the Minneapolis Star Tribune, the San Diego Union-Tribune, and others, claiming climate change is devastating Central American coffee...

Contrary to Alarmist Claims, Modestly Warmer Nights Are Not Harming Kansas Harvests

Among the stories topping Google News search for the term “climate change,” today is a whopper from Lawrence Journal-World, warning warmer nights will decimate crop production in Kansas. The truth is just the opposite,...

Video: CO2 is Not a Pollutant!

David Legates, professor of climatology in the Department of Geography at the University of Delaware, explains why carbon dioxide is not a pollutant. In his view, increasing CO2 levels are a net benefit to...

Media Falsely Claims There’s an Ethiopian Food Shortage Crisis

The Heartland Institute's Andy Singer breaks down the media's lies about a crop shortage crisis in Ethiopia. Check the video out to learn what's really going on.

United Nations Denies Its Own Data While Claiming Climate Food Crisis

The United Nations is seeking to drum up money and power with a new article claiming global warming is causing a food crisis in Central America – in defiance of the UN’s own data...

While Climate Activists Push “Crop Failures”, Science Doubles the Crop Yields

Like clockwork, every year climate activists and their media enablers publish bold headlines claiming that global warming aka "climate change" will result in crop yield reductions, crop failures, and food shortages. We at Climate...

NY Times Claims Nepal Crop and Migrant Crisis – As Yields Set New Records

The New York Times invented a fake climate scare today (April 6), claiming climate change is causing thousands of people in Nepal to become migrants due to crop failure caused by climate change. The...

Daily Kos Defends Big Tech, Is Confused About Crop Yields vs Crop Production

The leftist website Daily Kos is feeling threatened by the Climate Realism website. Yesterday, Daily Kos published an article titled, “Heartland Is Apparently Confused About How Google Works. Oh, And It Is Stupid About...

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