Reuters Invents Fake Seaweed Crisis as Harvests More than Double

Reuters published a March 30 article claiming climate change is causing a crisis in seaweed growth and harvesting. However, the facts say just the opposite. According to a 2018 United Nations Food and Agriculture...

The world owes U.S. climate reparations

Climate change is sparking record global crop production.

Sorry, CNBC, Britain’s Economy Is Already Seeing Rapid Gains Due to Climate Change

At the very top of search results today for “climate change,” Google News is promoting an article by CNBC spreading fear that global warming is harming British agriculture and therefore the British economy. Objective...

Locust ‘Crisis’ Is Really About Abundant Rainfall

People, crops, livestock, and even insects thrive in conditions with more abundant food and water. Africa and the Middle East are currently enjoying abundant rainfall, benefiting each group of animals. Rather than celebrating this...

North Dakota Professor and the Williston Herald Mislead about Ag-Climate Connection

The Williston Herald (North Dakota) published a story claiming climate change is both a significant cause of climate change and is being decimated by it. Both claims are false. Data show agriculture does not...

Google Sounds Climate Alarm – In Nations Enjoying Crop Production Records

At the top of Google News search results today for “climate change” is an article claiming global warming is punishing global crop production, and is especially punishing sub-Saharan African, South American, and South Asian...

Alarmist Media Wrong Again – Facts Prove More CO2 Benefits Crops and Plant Life

At the very top of Google News searches for “climate change” this week, an article in The Conversation falsely claims more atmospheric carbon dioxide will bring few if any benefits regarding plant life. The...

Minneapolis Star Tribune Shamed on Yet Another Fake Coffee Climate Crisis

Just two days after Climate Realism debunked recently published false claims in the Minneapolis Star Tribune that climate change is “devastating” Central American coffee production, scientific evidence debunks another coffee crisis prediction the Star...

American Climate Activists Blame Global Warming for North Korea’s Failures

North Korea is a failed state not because of Marxism, tyranny, and repression, but because of climate change, argue two prominent climate activists in an article published yesterday by Newsweek. Intelligent people and Climate...

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