Sorry, Google News, Crop Yields Keep Growing, Not Shrinking

Among its top search results today for “climate change,” Google News is promoting a story published by Courthouse News Service claiming climate change has caused a dramatic decline in farm productivity. However, data from...

Media Claim Crop Reductions While Production Sets New Records

The media this week are breathlessly promoting a paper by researchers at Curtin University in Australia that says climate change is harming food production. In reality, crop data show food production is rising dramatically...

Sorry, Google News, Climate Change Boosts Crop Production, Reduces Migration

An International Policy Digest (IPD) article, titled “It’s Time to Recognize Climate Refugees,” claims “refugees are … fleeing climate change.” Research shows this claim is false. Millions of people flee their homelands each year,...

NOAA Bureaucrats Sound French Fry Alarm – As Production Sets Records

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s climate propaganda site,, features an article claiming climate change threatens potato production and, therefore, French fries. The article, titled “Climate & French fries,” claims global warming is...

U. of Nebraska Touts Ag and Climate Talk – Will It Mention Record Yields?

Nebraska Today is publicizing an April 14 virtual talk by University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) associate professor Harkamal Walia, titled “Changing Climate, Warmer Nights and Crop Yields.” Objective data show Nebraska crop yields have tremendously...

Climate Change Creates Crop Abundance and More Storage Opportunities in Michigan

Among the top Google News search results today for the term “climate change” is an Associated Press article claiming climate change and warming temperatures are creating storage problems for Michigan crops. In reality, climate...

Heartbreaking BBC Article Claims Bangladesh Farmers Can’t Grow Rice, as Production Triples

BBC News published an article Friday claiming climate change is ruining Bangladeshi rice farms, making crop lands desolate. The heart-wrenching article chronicles a young British man's return to the Bangladeshi countryside where he grew...

Media Claim Olive Oil Climate Crisis, As Production Triples and Sets New Records

The Climate Establishment and their media allies are coordinating efforts this week to scare people into believing global warming is decimating olive oil production. Like previous efforts to identify things people love – like...

False Alarm: Crops Set Records in Burkina Faso Amidst Modest Warming

A Google New search for the term “climate change” today turned up this story from Thomson Reuters titled “No trees, no crops, no jobs: Burkina Faso’s women fall back on hard labour.” The story...

Media Claims Climate Crisis in Ghana – As Crops Set New Records

The corporate media this week are hyping claims that Ghana is experiencing a climate crisis that is decimating crop production, driving farmers off their lands, and forcing them to become migrants to find food....

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