Forbes Fables Part 3: Rising Global Food ‘Insecurity’ as Yields Set Records

Among the top Google News search results for “climate change” today, Forbes published an embarrassingly fictitious article making several false claims about climate change and rice production. The Forbes article is titled “Rice, Climate...

Carbon Brief Claims Increasing World Hunger – As Food Production Sets Records

Among the top Google News search results today for the term “climate change” today is a story on the climate activist website, Carbon Brief, titled “Climate change could have a ‘profound’ negative impact on...

Google Promotes Global Warming Sushi Crisis – As Fish and Rice Production Set Records

At the top of Google News search results today for “climate change,” Google News is promoting a Bloomberg News article claiming global warming is harming fish and rice production, which therefore harms sushi availability...

Another climate lie foiled: Wisconsin apple production

Wisconsin apple production grows despite alarmist misinformation.

Alberta Sugar Beet Growers Have CO2 to Thank for Record Yields

Among the top Google News search results today for “climate change” is an article about an association of Alberta, Canada sugar beet growers searching for ways to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions. Very few...

Media Claim Olive Oil Climate Crisis, As Production Triples and Sets New Records

The Climate Establishment and their media allies are coordinating efforts this week to scare people into believing global warming is decimating olive oil production. Like previous efforts to identify things people love – like...

Sorry, ABC News, Climate Change Is Not Forcing Guatemalans to Flee Their Country

A story on ABC Television news claims climate change is creating a dire situation in Guatemala, forcing its residents to choose between starving or migrating. This is false. Data from the U.N. Food and...

Alarmist Media Wrong Again – Facts Prove More CO2 Benefits Crops and Plant Life

At the very top of Google News searches for “climate change” this week, an article in The Conversation falsely claims more atmospheric carbon dioxide will bring few if any benefits regarding plant life. The...

Nat Geo Goes ‘Me Too’ on Cranberry Climate Fables

National Geographic is exploiting Thanksgiving weekend by scaring people into believing climate change is “coming for New England’s cranberries.” As reported here last week at Climate Realism, however, cranberry production in New England and...

Sorry, Inkstick Media, Coffee Production Booming, Not Collapsing, Amidst Modest Warming

Among the top stories promoted by Google News today is an article in the online foreign policy publication, Inkstick Media, titled “Preventing a Climate Coffee Catastrophe.” The article asserts climate change is threatening the...

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