Nat Geo Goes ‘Me Too’ on Cranberry Climate Fables

National Geographic is exploiting Thanksgiving weekend by scaring people into believing climate change is “coming for New England’s cranberries.” As reported here last week at Climate Realism, however, cranberry production in New England and...

Sorry, Inkstick Media, Coffee Production Booming, Not Collapsing, Amidst Modest Warming

Among the top stories promoted by Google News today is an article in the online foreign policy publication, Inkstick Media, titled “Preventing a Climate Coffee Catastrophe.” The article asserts climate change is threatening the...

Today’s Fake Crisis: Climate Change Harming Marriage Prospects in India

Among the top results today in a Google News search for “climate crisis” is an article published by The News Minute claiming climate change is causing a marriage crisis in India. The theory is...

World Ag Ministers Stoke Climate Fears – As Crops Keep Setting Records

Near the top of Google News search results today for ‘climate change’ is a EURACTIV TV article titled, “Berlin agriculture conference highlights world hunger, climate change.” The EURACTIV story reports on a January 22...

American Climate Activists Blame Global Warming for North Korea’s Failures

North Korea is a failed state not because of Marxism, tyranny, and repression, but because of climate change, argue two prominent climate activists in an article published yesterday by Newsweek. Intelligent people and Climate...

Maple Syrup Production Skyrockets, CNBC Claims Climate Emergency

Maple syrup production is skyrocketing. The past four years produced, by far, the four largest maple syrup crops in history.

Yes, Environmental Health News, Crop Yields Are Rising, Not Falling

Among the top Google News search results today under “climate change” is a story in Environmental Health News (EHN) claims climate change will decimate global crop yields. However, real-world crop data show crop yields...

Heartbreaking BBC Article Claims Bangladesh Farmers Can’t Grow Rice, as Production Triples

BBC News published an article Friday claiming climate change is ruining Bangladeshi rice farms, making crop lands desolate. The heart-wrenching article chronicles a young British man's return to the Bangladeshi countryside where he grew...

Sorry, Bangor News, Maine’s Blueberries Don’t Need Saving from Climate Change

Among its top search results today for “climate change,” Google News is promoting a story published in the Bangor News claiming global warming threatens blueberry harvests in Maine. However, data from the U.S. Department...

No, GQ, Global Warming Has Not Launched Biblical End Times or the Antichrist

GQ magazine has asserted a host of climate lies as an excuse to publish an article titled, “The Climate Crisis Isn’t Coming, It’s Already Here.” The article presents the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse...

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