Jobs created

Jobs created in the wind power or solar power industries come at the expense of a greater number of jobs killed throughout the economy. Forcing people to purchase expensive wind and solar power forces other energy sectors to lay off workers and leaves consumers less money to purchase goods and services that sustain jobs throughout the rest of the economy.

Sorry, Google, Global Warming Is Saving Workers, Not Killing Them

At the top of Google News search results today for “climate change,” Google is promoting a slate of media articles hyping a paper by the activist Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) claiming that global...

Breitbart Correctly Reports on the Folly of Ford’s EV Transition

A recent article at Breitbart reveals the folly of Ford’s EV transition, made ostensibly in pursuit of slowing or stopping climate change. Amid a substantial push by the Biden Administration towards promoting electric vehicles...

John Kerry’s Claims on Wind and Solar Jobs Fail WaPo’s Pinocchio Test

If you are a climate activist, you know you are having a bad day when even the leftist Washington Post takes you to task for telling climate-related falsehoods. John Kerry is having just such...

Myron Ebell, ICCC13 (Panel 4: Winning Public Policy Options)

Myron Ebell, director of the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s Center for Energy and Environment, speaks on Panel 4: Winning Public Policy Options at Heartland's Thirteenth International Conference on Climate Change. Ebell discusses how Trump's deregulation...

The Observed Societal Benefits of Fossil Fuels (Rojer Bezdek, ICCC13)

Roger Bezdek, an internationally recognized energy analyst and president of MISI – a Washington, D.C.-based economic, energy, and environmental research firm, speaks on Panel 2: Energy and Climate Economics at The Heartland Institute's Thirteenth...