Prince of Hypocrisy: Charles Racks Up Private Flight Miles, CO2 Emissions

Prince Charles is fond of lecturing commoners about how we need to sacrifice our lifestyles to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, but he is dealing with a royal case of embarrassment after having been exposed hypocritically jaunting around the world in private jets and helicopters.

Climate, Government, and the Green Deal (James Taylor, ICCC13)

James Taylor, senior fellow for environment and energy policy at The Heartland Institute, speaks on Panel 4: Winning Public Policy Options at the Thirteenth International Conference on Climate Change. Taylor discusses the Green New...

WHO Official: Coronavirus Shows What Is Possible for Climate Restrictions

In a stunning threat to individual freedom, a powerful international body is eying coronavirus restrictions as an instructive lesson for climate change restrictions. In an address for Extinction Rebellion about coronavirus and climate change, Michael...

Fighting Back Over Climate Censorship in Media , John Stossel Sues Facebook

As prize-winning journalist John Stossel notes in his most recent column at Heartland Daily News, Big Tech corporations have lied about his work and censored his videos on climate change. This violates laws against defamation....

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