How do you throw away a dead wind turbine?

Retiring old wind turbines create environmental headaches.

Fake Republican Ros-Lehtinen Lectures on Fighting Climate, Losing Elections

Liberal fake Republican Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, a former member of Congress who voted against the position of the conservative Heritage Action for America in two-thirds of her votes, wrote an editorial for the April 25...

New Climate Poll, Same Results: People Concerned, But Not Very Much

Every few months one polling firm or another releases a survey asking people if they would like action on climate change. And survey after survey says people would – if action is not too...

Radical Actions to Fight Climate Change Are Worthless (Guest: Benjamin Zycher)

Nobel prize winning economist William Nordhaus has come under sustained attack from the environmental left because the integrated model he developed to consider the economic and environmental impacts of climate change and policies proposed...

Climate Change Alarmism Is Really About Socialism

The fight against climate change alarmism is bigger than climate policy. In reality, it's a fight against a socialist takeover of America. The Heartland Institute's Andy Singer provides proof that political elites want to...

Sorry, Wired, GOP Climate Activists Get Slaughtered at the Polls

The leftist website Wired published an April 1 article claiming carbon dioxide taxes enjoy growing conservative support and bipartisan momentum. The article also asserts Republican politicians supporting carbon dioxide taxes are enjoying increasing support...

Baltimore Should Sue Itself, Not Oil Companies, for Flooding Issues

The U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments Tuesday on whether federal or state courts should decide the City of Baltimore’s suit against oil companies, in which Baltimore seeks compensation for alleged harms of climate change....

Climate change will cost much less than we think

Climate alarmism, not climate change, is causing economic harm.

Wind turbine math does not add up

Disposing of old wind turbines is a huge environmental problem.

California Is Going off the Deep End

Recently, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed an executive order banning gas and diesel powered vehicles by 2035. James Taylor, president of The Heartland Institute, joins Tony Katz Today to discuss why this will be...

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