A Biden/Harris Election Victory Would Be a Disaster (Guest: Steve Milloy)

This election presents Americans with a sharp choice, a future of continued economic growth and geopolitical influence based on cheap abundant fossil fuels produced via fracking, or a future of limited or no growth...

Right, New York Times, Biofuels Are Bad for the Environment

A recent guest op-ed in The New York Times identifies some of the problems with biofuels that make them much less environmentally friendly than their promoters claim. The most common biofuels in the United...

States that Switch to Renewable Power Suffer High Costs, Lagging Growth

Climate alarmists increasingly claim wind and solar power are cost-effective and will benefit the economy. The truth is exactly the opposite. Here’s an example and the real story: The August 8 issue of Electrek’s Climate...

Nice try, Yahoo News, Climate Change Is Not Causing Grid Blackouts

A Google search for “climate change” this morning revealed an article on Yahoo News UK which claims that climate change will be responsible for future grid blackouts due to an increase in air conditioner...

Texas Wind Power Failure Continues, Most of State Experiencing Outages

As reported this morning on Climate Realism, ice storms knocked out nearly half the wind-power generating capacity of Texas on Sunday as a massive deep freeze across the state locked up wind turbine towers,...

Fox Weather is Wrong: Climate Policy, Not Climate Change, Is Causing Power Outages

A Google news search for “climate change” this morning found an article by Fox Weather asserting that climate change is causing more power outages across the United States. This is false. While it is...

Millions of Americans Without Power in Freezing Cold as Wind Power Fails

More than 2.5 million American electricity customers lost their power Sunday night and Monday morning – primarily in Texas – as wind turbines proved incapable of functioning in cold, icy conditions. Texas power officials...

True, WSJ, Hurricanes are Not Becoming More Damaging, Climate Policy is

In the Wall Street Journal, there is an op-ed that provides a fact-based perspective on climate change and its effects. The article emphasizes that hurricanes are not becoming more intense, but rather the increase...

Chile’s Economic Destruction is a Preview of what’s in Store for Biden’s America

By Dr. Jay Lehr and Tom Harris For some years now, we have followed the work of Douglas Pollock, a civil industrial engineer from the University of Chile, who shows what happened in his country when...

Harvard study finds wind turbines warm the U.S.

Harvard study finds wind turbines are inefficient and land-intensive, while raising U.S. temperatures. Wind turbines will warm U.S. temperatures for at least the next century. Click Here to Read More