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Australian Wind Performance Shows the Net Zero Dream is a Nightmare

Guest Post by Rafe Champion On Wednesday morning, before breakfast, South Australia and Victoria demonstrated why the net zero dream is actually a nightmare. The logic...

Michael Mann Caught Spreading Australian Wildfire Misinformation

Prominent climate alarmist Michael Mann appeared on a March 29 CleanTechnica podcast spreading misinformation about Australia’s 2019 wildfires and climate change. Mann claimed Australia has...

Climate Activists Push ‘Study’ Rewriting Australian Drought, Wildfire History

A group of climate activists calling itself World Weather Attribution is claiming global warming made the 2019 Australian wildfires 30 percent more likely to...

What the media won’t tell you about the Australian wildfires

There were many more Australian wildfires in cooler years in the past.

Climate Change Has Caused More Rain, Helping Fight Australian Wildfires

Alarmists are pointing their finger at climate change for the recent wildfires in Australia, claiming global warming is causing drought conditions that have facilitated...

Video: Climate Change Has Done More to Help Australia’s Wild Fires Than to Cause...

Australian climate data show climate change is being unfairly blamed for the size and intensity of the fires. Read the original piece on this...

Podcast: Humans, not Climate Change, Fed Australia’s Wildfires (Guest: Gregory Wrightstone)

Australia is a largely arid continent with drought and wildfires, usually human set, not being unusual historically. Twenty-five years of above average rainfall, followed...

The rain in Australia has always been erratic, no CO2 trend

There has been little or no change in the Australian rainfall trend, exonerating global warming.

Media Ignores Story of Unjustified Retraction of a Climate Skeptical Paper Due to Bullying

While many media outlets ran stories this week about a scientific paper suggesting that Penguin chicks in Antarctica are dying by the thousands (despite...

Right, Wall Street Journal, Wildfires Are Declining as Climate Changes

Writing in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), Bjorn Lomborg, Ph.D., discusses the fact that, despite near constant media reports to the contrary, amid recent modest...