GOP “Resolutions of Inquiry” Effort Could Make President Biden’s Anti-Fossil Fuel Bias Transparent

According to a recent article in Fox Business, House Republicans are planning to force the Biden administration to disclose its plans for restricting the use of fossil fuels through the issuing of Congressional “Resolutions of...

Tentative Thumbs Up for the Congressional Republicans’ Energy Plan

Republicans have drafted a proposed energy plan for the nation that has climate alarmists infuriated, as it favors fossil fuel infrastructure and aims to get American energy prices back under control. The plan, if...

Actual Vote Falsifies NY Times’ Myth of Climate-Activist Republicans

Among the top Google News search results today for “climate change” is an article published by the New York Times (and picked up by other major newspapers) titled, “Amid extreme weather, a shift in...

Fake Republican Ros-Lehtinen Lectures on Fighting Climate, Losing Elections

Liberal fake Republican Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, a former member of Congress who voted against the position of the conservative Heritage Action for America in two-thirds of her votes, wrote an editorial for the April 25...

Sorry, Wired, GOP Climate Activists Get Slaughtered at the Polls

The leftist website Wired published an April 1 article claiming carbon dioxide taxes enjoy growing conservative support and bipartisan momentum. The article also asserts Republican politicians supporting carbon dioxide taxes are enjoying increasing support...

Sorry, Michael Steele, Climate Activism KILLED GOP’s Al Gore Wannabes in 2018 Elections

MSNBC contributor Michael Steele has written an article in The Dispatch urging the GOP to embrace climate activism as a winning political strategy. Yet the lesson of the 2018 midterms is Republican climate activism...

New Poll Shows Californians Won’t Support Small Climate Tax

In California and elsewhere, when people are asked if they are willing to pay higher energy costs or higher taxes to fight climate change, they usually say no. A newly reported poll in Ventura...

Appeasement backfires as climate campaigners attack planting trees

Media, climate activists torch Republican climate activist plan.

Frank Luntz’s climate push poll

Frank Luntz’s engages in polling malpractice claiming support for carbon dioxide tax.