Gradually warming temperatures seem likely to shorten snow seasons and lead to overall less annual snowfall. Nevertheless, the average amount of land experiencing snow cover has increased during the past 30 years.

Sorry, WQAD, Data Shows Climate Change Is Not Making Storms Worse

WQAD ran a story reporting climate models predict climate change will make various types of weather events worse, titled “Climate change is spiking frequency, intensity of severe weather.” The story is misleading in couple...

Poll Shows Maryland Residents Don’t Know Climate Facts; Thanks, Baltimore Sun, for Misleading Them

A recent survey of Maryland residents' thoughts about climate change found that the majority of Marylanders believe that climate change is having some degree of present negative effect; through the weather, on sea levels,...

NBC Relies on Bad Science to Scare Viewers

This morning NBC News aired a segment discussing a study from researchers at the University of Waterloo who claim that the winter Olympics may be almost impossible to hold due to global warming by...

No, Climate Change Is Not ‘Straining Budgets’ in Colorado Towns

The Colorado Sun published a misleading and scientifically deficient article titled, “The high cost of climate change is already straining the budgets of Colorado towns.” To reach that conclusion, the article ignored real-world climate...

New Peer-Reviewed Study DESTROYS Alarmist Snowstorm Claims

A newly published peer-reviewed study is destroying years of claims by climate alarmists and the Establishment Media that global warming makes winter snowstorms more frequent and deadly. In contrast to the longstanding alarmist narrative,...

On Temperatures and Snowfall, Antarctica Bucks Alarming Climate Predictions

Whether it’s cooling temperatures or ever growing piles of snow and ice, Antarctica continues to defy the predictions of scientists wedded to the use of climate models that have been proven flawed time and...

Podcast: Marc Morano: Climate Alarmists Make Absurd, Contradictory Claims on Cold and Snow

Marc Morano, director of Climate Depot, discusses the most recent absurd claim made by Al Gore. Gore, citing work by Michael Mann, shows how the recent record setting cold spell and snowfall results from...

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