Examine the Data, Phys.org, Climate Change Is Boosting Crop Production, Not Threatening It

An article in the online science publication Phys.org says that unless significant adaptations are made, America’s “corn belt” won’t be able to sustain crop production by 2100 because of climate change. This claim is...

Breitbart is Right, Organic Farming Makes the Food Crisis Worse

In a recent Breitbart article covering part of the World Economic Forum conference at Davos, the writer points out that switching to organic farming would not solve the world’s current food crisis. This is...

Relax, HortiDaily, Climate Change Is Not ‘Taking Its Toll’ on Spain’s Agriculture

A Google News search for the term “climate change” today turned up a story published on HortiDaily which claims climate change is causing huge losses for Spain’s agriculture industry. It’s likely most of Spain’s...

Contra USA Today, Maple Syrup Isn’t Going Anywhere

A google search for “Climate Change” this morning turned up an article from USA Today, which says that maple syrup production is at risk because of climate change, and that the range of maple...

Real Threats to Biodiversity and Humanity

Guest Post by Paul Driessen  References to climate change almost guarantee funding, even for research topics of little interest beyond academia and eco-activists. Polls reveal that most people worry most about energy and food prices,...

Time Mag is Wrong, Climate Change Will Not Make Food Scarce

A Time Magazine article ascribes the potential for a major food crisis to two sources: the war in Ukraine and climate change. Concerning the latter claim, Time is simply wrong. While the war in...

Sorry, U.S. News & World Report, Plant Growth Is Good, Not a Climate Harm

On Monday, U.S. News & World Report (USNWR) became the latest corporate media outlet to run a seasonal story saying climate change is making life harder for allergy sufferers. This is likely true, but...

Inside Climate News Confuses Models with Reality

Inside Climate News recently published an article discussing a new model which warns of an impending global food production drop due to climate change. Climate models have proven notoriously bad at describing reality, and...

Contra The Economist, Coffee and Tea Are Thriving in East Africa

A recent article in The Economist claims climate change is harming the production of coffee and tea in East Africa; Kenya in particular. This is false. As the earth has modestly warmed, coffee and...

Poll Shows Maryland Residents Don’t Know Climate Facts; Thanks, Baltimore Sun, for Misleading Them

A recent survey of Maryland residents' thoughts about climate change found that the majority of Marylanders believe that climate change is having some degree of present negative effect; through the weather, on sea levels,...

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