Snow, Record Cold Freeze New Hampshire Over Father’s Day Weekend

Record cold temperatures hit New Hampshire over the Father’s Day weekend, with snow falling at elevations as low as 5,000 feet. While the establishment national media utilized the onset of summer as an opportunity...

Checking the Science Focus ‘Reality Check’ – Ignoring UHI is Foolish

A recent article "Reality Check: Are the hottest cities in the world becoming uninhabitable thanks to climate change?" By Dann Mitchell, a professor of climate science at the University of Bristol tries to blame...

New Data Absolutely Destroys Media Claims of ‘Climate Change is Causing More Wildfire’

The media, politicians, and climate activists like to claim that climate change is making wildfires more frequent and larger. The linkage is the supposed relationship with increasing global atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration due...

Wrong, LiveScience, Global Weather Not Worsening

Near the top of the search results on Google news for the term “climate change” is a story from LiveScience claiming that climate change is causing worsening weather events globally, for example, flooding and...

Wrong, U.N. and Bloomberg, Climate Change Is Not Making Weather or Immigration Worse

A Bloomberg News story reports U.N. Secretary General Antonio Guterres has called on developed countries to transfer green technologies to developing countries because rich nations have caused catastrophic climate change, imposing costs on poorer nations....

North Carolina TV Station Is Wrong on Hurricanes and Rising Seas

North Carolina television station WRAL recently hosted a segment claiming climate change is making hurricanes more intense and dangerous. This claim is false. By making this claim WRAL is perpetuating a counterfactual alarmist set...

Seven Ways the Texas Tribune Misleads on Climate

By Linnea Lueken and Sterling Burnett  A recent piece in The Texas Tribune lists seven alleged ways climate change is already impacting the state of Texas and its residents. When not outright false, the listed...

Wrong, CNN, AP, NYT, etc., Climate Change Did Not Cause South Africa’s Tragic Floods

A Google news search for the term “climate change,” over the past few days turns up dozens of stories in corporate media outlets blaming climate change for recent deadly floods in South Africa. Although...

No, Time Magazine, Climate Change is Not Worsening Drought

A recent Time magazine article says human-caused climate change is increasing the severity and number of droughts around the world. These claims are false. Drought tracking data show no meaningful trend in severity or...

Misleading Headline Aside, Market Watch Reveals Some Wildfire Truths

Market Watch published a story implying climate change is causing earlier, more intense wildfires in the desert Southwest. The story provides no evidence that climate change responsible for earlier, particularly severe, wildfires, because such...

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