Klutz Stumbles into Hornet Nest, Google News Blames Global Warming

Google News today is promoting an article in which a klutz in Washington state stumbled into a hornets’ nest, got stung, and then blamed global warming. In reality, hornets have always existed in Washington...

Epic Fail: Chuck Todd Tries to Bait Anthony Fauci on Climate Change

On the most recent Meet the Press, host Chuck Todd tried to goad Dr. Anthony Fauci into making a connection between climate change and pandemics. Fortunately, Fauci didn’t make a fool of himself by...

Environment Journal Wrong About Climate Change Increasing Malaria

A Google News search today for the term “climate change” turns up an Environment Journal article which claims climate change could increase incidences of malaria. This is wrong. Copious research indicates climate change is...

Global Warming’s Effects on Malaria

One common claim is that global warming will lead to increasing deaths from malaria. Has this panned out? Andy Singer covers global malaria deaths since 2000 in this new Climate Realism video. https://youtu.be/DY8R8CncmEA Read more: https://climateataglance.com/climate-at-a-glance-malaria-and-mosquito-borne-diseases/

Rolling Stone Magazine Lies About COVID-19 and Climate Change

Rolling Stone magazine recently put out an article claiming climate change ushered in the era of COVID. This is absolutely not the case. Common sense tells you that diseases like the common cold, flu,...

Science Crushes Rolling Stone’s Claimed Link Between COVID and Climate

Rolling Stone this week added its voice to a number of media outlets, like Phys.org and Business Insider, falsely asserting a connection between climate change and COVID-19. In reality, if a modestly warming Earth...

NPR Makes False Connection Between Climate Change and Disease

National Public Radio (NPR) followed its sister organization Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) this week in pushing false climate claims. Among the most egregious lies told in NPR’s story, “Everything Is Unprecedented. Welcome To Your...

Contrary to Phys.org Claims, Climate Change Likely to Result in Less Deaths from Disease,...

By H. Sterling Burnett My daily Google search for “Climate Change,” turned up a whopper of a story published in Phys.org indicating a warmer world due to climate change could lead to a massive loss...

The Feared Autumn Coronavirus Rebound Would Discredit Climate Alarmists

In a desperate attempt to deny that global warming can bring any significant benefit, climate alarmists have brushed aside assertions that warm temperatures may slow the spread or severity of COVID-19. After all, an...

Media Warns of Cassava Crisis as Production Keeps Setting Records

At the top of Google News searches this morning for “climate change” is an article suggesting climate change imperils cassava crops in Africa and tropical regions by boosting diseases and pests that threaten cassava....

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