Sorry, Esquire, Climate Change Not Causing the Spread of Diseases

Citing a single new study, the corporate media was abuzz recently with stories claiming climate change is likely to cause the spread of a variety of diseases, including often deadly or debilitating insect borne...

CNN Hypes False Dengue Fever Claims, Putting Climate Fears Ahead of Facts, Again

CNN published a story claiming climate change is causing the mosquito borne disease dengue fever to spread. This is false. As CNN’s own story notes, dengue bearing mosquitos are already endemic to the countries...

Sorry, AZ Central, Climate Change is NOT Causing Animal-Human Disease Transmission

A recent article on AZ Central claims that climate change will be responsible for future animal-transmitted pandemics, and that mitigating alleged man-made warming will alleviate some of the risk. This is false, climate change...

COVID/Climate Merging: Modeling study claims: ‘Climate Change Will Make Pandemics Like COVID More Likely’

Guest Post from Climate Depot Editor’s Note: Multiple mainstream media outlets, for example,  U.S. News & World Report, The Atlantic, and Forbes, have recently published articles tying climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic together; claiming that viruses and pandemics may...

The Salt Lake Tribune Botches Medical and Climate Science in a Single Article

The Salt Lake Tribune (SLT) ran an article on March 31, titled “Climate change may push the U.S. toward the ‘goldilocks zone’ for West Nile Virus.” The story is based on previously disproven assumptions...

Relax, Wisconsin Public Radio, Climate Change Isn’t Making Human Health Worse

A story run by Wisconsin Public Radio (WPR) today claims climate change poses a threat to human health. Disease and mortality data show this is false. During the recent period of modest warming, deaths...

Klutz Stumbles into Hornet Nest, Google News Blames Global Warming

Google News today is promoting an article in which a klutz in Washington state stumbled into a hornets’ nest, got stung, and then blamed global warming. In reality, hornets have always existed in Washington...

Epic Fail: Chuck Todd Tries to Bait Anthony Fauci on Climate Change

On the most recent Meet the Press, host Chuck Todd tried to goad Dr. Anthony Fauci into making a connection between climate change and pandemics. Fortunately, Fauci didn’t make a fool of himself by...

Environment Journal Wrong About Climate Change Increasing Malaria

A Google News search today for the term “climate change” turns up an Environment Journal article which claims climate change could increase incidences of malaria. This is wrong. Copious research indicates climate change is...

Global Warming’s Effects on Malaria

One common claim is that global warming will lead to increasing deaths from malaria. Has this panned out? Andy Singer covers global malaria deaths since 2000 in this new Climate Realism video. Read more:

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