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Temperatures in the United States have not warmed at all since at least 2005, when the highly accurate U.S. Climate Reference Network (CRN) temperature station network first came online. Measured U.S. temperatures, moreover, are no higher than they were in the 1930s,

Idaho Statesman Hypes Climate Alarm Over Facts Concerning Temperatures and Precipitation in Idaho

A recent article in the Idaho Statesman claims climate change has led to a dramatic increase in temperatures and a decline in precipitation. Neither claim is accurate. Data show Idaho was as hot or...

The 2022 Heatwave Debunked!

Guest Post by William Balgord The US Environmental Protection Agency publishes information in graphical form (see below) purporting to show a steady increase in records relating to heat waves as having occurred from 1960 to...

Cities Hiring Unnecessary “Heat Officers” to Warn People It’s Hot, Reports the Daily Caller

The Daily Caller ran an article about the recent trend of local governments of major cities creating a new bureaucratic position called "heat officers" to specifically monitor hot weather-related emergencies and advise people how...


MEDIA ADVISORY: Official NOAA temperature stations produce corrupted data due to purposeful placement in man-made hot spots Nationwide study follows up widespread corruption and heat biases found at NOAA stations in 2009, and the heat-bias distortion...

Wrong, Mainstream Media, Climate change Isn’t Driving Shark Attacks

As more people flock to the beaches this summer, it is also bringing more people into closer contact with sharks. Consequently, there is an uptick in shark encounter stories in the news. Multiple mainstream...

Proven Wrong: Texas A&M’s Andrew Dessler on U.S. Heat Waves

Atmospheric scientist Andrew Dessler of Texas A&M University created a stir online at Twitter last year when he decided that a graph published by the EPA, and cited by Bjorn Lomborg a year ago “just didn’t look right.” Science...

The Media is Misleading on Attribution and Heat Waves

Citing research from the group World Weather Attribution, New Scientist, Reuters, The Guardian, and other media outlets have published stories claiming climate change is making heatwaves and other extreme weather events more severe. Data...

Dear HuffPo: City Schools Suffer from Aging Buildings, NOT Climate Change

A Huffington Post article suggests that the need for updated air conditioning systems in Philadelphia, Baltimore, and other Northeastern schools is because of climate change. This is a misleading  and inaccurate connection to make,...

Sorry, CBS, NOAA’s “U.S. Climate Normals,” Report Misrepresents the Science

CBS News’ story covering of the Biden administration’s new U.S Climate Normals report says government data show the United States is warming at an unusually rapid rate due to human induced climate change, causing...

New Analysis Shows Population Density Is Corrupting U.S. Temperature Record

The same organizations and people that launched the climate scare back in the 1980s -NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies - are also the keepers of the data that validate or invalidate their premise....

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