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U.S. temperatures

Temperatures in the United States have not warmed at all since at least 2005, when the highly accurate U.S. Climate Reference Network (CRN) temperature station network first came online. Measured U.S. temperatures, moreover, are no higher than they were in the 1930s,

The Truth About U.S. Temperatures

Are we seeing temperatures higher than ever before? The Heartland Institute's Andy Singer looks at temperature records to get to the bottom of this question. For more detailed data, check this out.

Policy Brief: Climate Change and Montana: A Scientific Assessment

Download the PDF Montana Democratic Gov. Steve Bullock signed on July 1, 2019, an executive order creating the Montana Climate Solutions Council. Bullock charged the council with preparing the state for climate change impacts and...

NASA pulls climate data out of hats like rabbits

Federal government overseers doctor past temperatures to give the appearance of dramatic recent warming. Click Here to Read More

Video: What’s the One Question Al Gore Will Never Answer?

Lord Christopher Monckton, a Special Advisor to former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and renowned mathematician, sheds light on the one question Al Gore and other climate alarmists will never answer. What should the mean...

Inslee claims to have witnessed climate change: But where?

There has been no U.S. warming during the past 15 years, despite alarmists claiming to witness warming impacts.

Doctored Datasets vs. Temperature Reality (Anthony Watts, ICCC13)

Anthony Watts, senior fellow for environment and climate at The Heartland Institute, speaks on Panel 3: Scientific Observations at The Heartland Institute's Thirteenth International Conference on Climate Change.

Video: The Absurdity of Man-Made C02

Jay Lehr, Ph.D. covers the claim that carbon dioxide is the primary driver behind our climate.

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