Congressional Democrats Seek to Target American Farmers with Climate and Methane Restrictions

An article published yesterday by The Hill reports that congressional Democrats and their allies would like to target American farmers with climate restrictions. For now, they are being held back by the political backlash...

Climate Activists Launch New Assault on Agriculture, Petition EPA for Hog and Dairy Restrictions

A group of 25 climate activist groups filed a petition this week with the U.S. EPA to restrict hog and dairy operations due to their asserted impacts on climate change. The petition reveals, yet...

Climate Activists Step Up Attacks on Meat, Livestock, and Ranchers

Climate activists often target ranchers with claims that global warming will harm livestock production. In reality, climate activists themselves are a much larger threat to cattle, ranching, and livestock production. This past week, as...

The Media Lies About Meat Production and Climate Change!

You'll regularly hear in the media that meat production is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions. How true is this? Is methane released from cow farts and burps really contributing to a climate...

New Climate Summary: Meat, Livestock Have Little Climate Impact

American ranchers and U.S. meat consumption have virtually no impact on greenhouse gas emissions or climate, reports a compelling new climate summary. The new climate summary, “Climate at a Glance: Livestock and Methane,” documents...

Commission: Raise food prices to stop global warming

UK government commissions calls for higher meat prices to fight global warming.

Report: Cut more than half the meat from your diet to stop climate change

Climate group urges 50% reduction in meat consumption.

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