Correct, The Epoch Times, Eating Bugs is Not Necessary or Desirable

A recent article in The Epoch Times discusses the fact that Australian schools are putting insect powder in children’s chips to encourage more “eco-friendly” eating habits in their populace. Although eating insects may be...

Thanks, WBUR, For Explaining “Eating Local” Has No Impact on Climate Change

A search of Google news today turned up a story by Boston’s NPR affiliate, WBUR, that explains "eating local", meaning moving to the increased consumption of locally grown food, at best has a limited...

Washington Post Ignores Coffee Facts to Hype Climate Fears

The Washington Post (WP) published a story suggesting coffee growers will have to diversify the varieties of coffee they cultivate if they wish to survive, because climate change is reducing the production of the...

Breitbart is Right, Organic Farming Makes the Food Crisis Worse

In a recent Breitbart article covering part of the World Economic Forum conference at Davos, the writer points out that switching to organic farming would not solve the world’s current food crisis. This is...

Real Threats to Biodiversity and Humanity

Guest Post by Paul Driessen  References to climate change almost guarantee funding, even for research topics of little interest beyond academia and eco-activists. Polls reveal that most people worry most about energy and food prices,...

Sorry, U.S. News & World Report, Plant Growth Is Good, Not a Climate Harm

On Monday, U.S. News & World Report (USNWR) became the latest corporate media outlet to run a seasonal story saying climate change is making life harder for allergy sufferers. This is likely true, but...

Inside Climate News Confuses Models with Reality

Inside Climate News recently published an article discussing a new model which warns of an impending global food production drop due to climate change. Climate models have proven notoriously bad at describing reality, and...

Congressional Democrats Seek to Target American Farmers with Climate and Methane Restrictions

An article published yesterday by The Hill reports that congressional Democrats and their allies would like to target American farmers with climate restrictions. For now, they are being held back by the political backlash...

Climate Activists Launch New Assault on Agriculture, Petition EPA for Hog and Dairy Restrictions

A group of 25 climate activist groups filed a petition this week with the U.S. EPA to restrict hog and dairy operations due to their asserted impacts on climate change. The petition reveals, yet...

Climate Activists Step Up Attacks on Meat, Livestock, and Ranchers

Climate activists often target ranchers with claims that global warming will harm livestock production. In reality, climate activists themselves are a much larger threat to cattle, ranching, and livestock production. This past week, as...

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