Cleaner air

Alarmists often argue that even if global warming is not a substantial threat, switching to expensive, economically harmful wind and solar power makes sense because it would reduce other air pollutants and create cleaner air. However, American air quality is already among the cleanest in the world and continues to experience long-term, dramatic improvement without expensive, economically harmful climate change programs.

New Republic, Bill McKibben Caught Lying About Earth Day and Climate

The New Republic is touting its new weekly newsletter, Apocalypse Soon, claiming this week’s 50th Earth Day anniversary reveals a “tragic failure of the environmental movement to change our trajectory.” Moreover, according to the...

Earth Day’s 50th Anniversary Showed We Have Much to Celebrate

Now that the environmental posers have wrapped up their Earth Day griping, let’s take a look at some actual environmental facts. America’s air and water are cleaner now than at any time since Earth...

Climate Activists Celebrate Coronavirus Impact on Economy, Emissions

With economies in America and around the world staggering in the wake of the Wuhan coronavirus, climate activists are celebrating the asserted environment and climate impacts. Noting the decline in carbon dioxide emissions in...

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