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The impacts of human greenhouse gas emissions are relatively minor. Although carbon dioxide and methane emissions likely cause some warming, alarmists exaggerate their impacts. For example, covering the United States with enough wind turbines to eliminate all electricity-sector greenhouse gas emissions will likely cause more warming, despite wind turbines being an emissions-free power source.

New Climate at a Glance Summary: Coronavirus Fails to Alter CO2 Concentrations

Climate at a Glance, the Heartland Institute’s new website providing one- and two-page policy summaries on global warming topics, has published a new summary this week. The new Climate at a Glance summary is...

Harvard study finds wind turbines warm the U.S.

Harvard study finds wind turbines are inefficient and land-intensive, while raising U.S. temperatures. Wind turbines will warm U.S. temperatures for at least the next century. Click Here to Read More

The Benefits of Atmospheric CO2 and a Warmer Climate

Craig Idso, founder and chairman of the Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change, speaks on Panel 3: Scientific Observations at The Heartland Institute's Thirteenth International Conference on Climate Change.

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