Sea level

Global sea level has been modestly rising since at least the mid-1800s. There has been little if any acceleration in recent decades. Humans were able to effectively adapt to sea-level rise utilizing 19th- and 20th-century technologies, and should be able to even more effectively adapt to sea-level rise utilizing 21st-century technologies.

The New Haven Independent Promotes Climate Misinformation

A story in The New Haven Independent, titled “Maps Show Climate Change’s Neighborhood Impacts,” by reporter Laura Glesby cited a presentation by a climate advocacy group to claim that New Haven, Connecticut would suffer highly...

No, CNN and Gov. Edwards, Climate Change is Not Creating Louisiana Refugees

A CNN broadcast about coastal losses due to land sublimation and sea level rise claims that climate change is causing a refugee crisis in coastal communities. This claim is misleading. Regardless of anthropogenic climate...

No, Washington Post, Greenland Ice Melt Won’t Raise Sea Level 1 Foot

NOTE: this story has been updated with new ice mass information, see below - Anthony On Monday, August 29, 2022, The Washington Post (WaPo) made a claim that melting ice on the Greenland ice sheet...

Majority of Readers are Skeptical of Climate Alarm

A recent article on a Boston news site presented polling data of their readership's opinions on climate change, and how the alleged impacts may be mitigated. While the writer of the article seemed to...

Data Disproves BBC’s Claim of ‘Sea Level Rise Speeding Up’

Guest essay by Paul Homewood The British Boradcasting Corporation (BBC) recently published this claim: Sea levels are rising much faster than a century ago, reveals the Met Office’s annual look at the UK’s climate and weather. The...
climate change threatening brown pelicans

Wrong, Associated Press, Climate Change is Not Threatening Brown Pelicans

An article by an Associated Press (AP) reporter picked up by the Chicago Sun Times claims that climate change is threatening brown pelicans in Louisiana. Evidence suggests this claim is likely false. The AP article...

Independent Debunks Fake Sea Level Map Joke, Then Makes Its Own False Claims

The Independent recently ran a story discussing an image that went viral over the weekend purporting to show of what the United States will look like in only a few decades if climate change...

Wrong, U.N. and Bloomberg, Climate Change Is Not Making Weather or Immigration Worse

A Bloomberg News story reports U.N. Secretary General Antonio Guterres has called on developed countries to transfer green technologies to developing countries because rich nations have caused catastrophic climate change, imposing costs on poorer nations....

North Carolina TV Station Is Wrong on Hurricanes and Rising Seas

North Carolina television station WRAL recently hosted a segment claiming climate change is making hurricanes more intense and dangerous. This claim is false. By making this claim WRAL is perpetuating a counterfactual alarmist set...

A ‘Carbon Fee’ Will Not Save Hawaii from Climate Change

A recent story in the Honolulu Civil Beat claims that climate change in Hawaii, driven by fossil-fuel use, is damaging the islands, a problem that can be solved by imposing a tax on carbon...

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