Does Climate Denier Secretly Mean Holocaust Denier?

The Left calls us climate deniers purely because we're against draconian policies like the Green New Deal. Here's the truth. They want to lump you in with Holocaust deniers. The Heartland Institute's Andy Singer...

Is It Our Last Chance to Save Humanity From Climate Change?

The Heartland Institute's Andy Singer tackles an article from The Guardian claiming it's our last chance to save humanity from climate change.

Talking California Blackouts on The Heartland Institute’s ‘In the Tank’ Podcast

In episode 257 of The Heartland Institute's "In the Tank Podcast," the guys opened the hour-long show talking about the Democratic National Convention, but spent most of the podcast (at about the 25-minute mark)...

Climate Change and the Indian Marriage Crisis

The Heartland Institute's Andy Singer breaks down the supposed relation between an Indian marriage crisis and climate change.

Seattle’s NHL Stadium Renamed Climate Pledge Arena, To Immediate Mockery

Perhaps fearing attack by a leftist mob, or being violently targeted for a new CHOP, CHAZ, or CHwhatever zone, Amazon announced yesterday it is changing the name of Seattle’s KeyArena to Climate Pledge Arena....