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Warm or hot temperatures are far less deadly than cold temperatures. Also, the lion’s share of warming that has occurred has impacted morning low temperatures rather than afternoon high temperatures, and cold winter months rather than hot summer months.

No, NPR, Public Opinion Polls Aren’t Proof of Climate Change

National Public Radio (NPR) recently ran an article discussing the results of a poll it conducted claiming that Americans are suffering from extreme weather events due to climate change. Although because of the mainstream...

Checking the Science Focus ‘Reality Check’ – Ignoring UHI is Foolish

A recent article "Reality Check: Are the hottest cities in the world becoming uninhabitable thanks to climate change?" By Dann Mitchell, a professor of climate science at the University of Bristol tries to blame...

Misleading Headline Aside, Market Watch Reveals Some Wildfire Truths

Market Watch published a story implying climate change is causing earlier, more intense wildfires in the desert Southwest. The story provides no evidence that climate change responsible for earlier, particularly severe, wildfires, because such...

Los Angeles Times Ignores Science, Claims Climate Change is Amplifying La Niña

A Google news search today for phrase “climate change” turned up a Los Angeles Times (LAT) article, titled “California drought, Australia floods: Two sides of La Niña amplified by climate change,” claiming current La...

Sorry, Mainstream Media, Wildfires Are Declining, Not Increasing, Amidst Modest Warming

A firestorm, pun fully intended, erupted as dozens of mainstream media outlets, large and small, touted a report this week from a team of researchers associated with the United Nations claiming wildfires are on...

Colorado Youths Take Initiative To Mitigate Potential Fire Damage, But Are Misinformed About...

An article published by NBC Lexington, titled “More states are using tax dollars to combat the effects of climate change,” describes a Colorado-state funded initiative to mitigate the supposed effects of climate change. The...

Sorry, Texas Tribune, Texas Is Not Suffering Extreme Weather Because of Climate Change

A search of Google news for phrase “climate change” found an article in the Texas Tribune in which the writer, Erin Douglas, repeats the tired claim that scientists agree human caused climate change is...

Contra, The Hill, Climate Change Is Not Causing a Coral Catastrophe

A story in The Hill is publicizing research which claims most coral reefs are doomed because of climate change induced warmer oceans. This is false. Most coral reefs are thriving, having evolved during periods...

Bloomberg Gambles on ‘Attribution’ Group’s Bogus Claims Attributing Heatwaves to Climate Change

A recent article in Bloomberg News, titled “How Scientists Know That Climate Change Juices Heat Waves” cites the work of a recently minted organization that calls itself “World Weather Attribution” (WWA). The WWA claims...

July Set Record for NOAA Temperature Doctoring, Not Heat

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has posted a press release titled, “It’s official: July was Earth’s hottest month on record.” The media have run rampant with the press release, with articles on...

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