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Warm or hot temperatures are far less deadly than cold temperatures. Also, the lion’s share of warming that has occurred has impacted morning low temperatures rather than afternoon high temperatures, and cold winter months rather than hot summer months.

No, USA Today, Heat Waves Are Not the “Top Weather-Related Killer”

A story in the September 12 edition of USA Today, titled “California becomes first US state to begin ranking extreme heat wave events,” erroneously claimed that excessive heat is the top weather-related killer in...

Idaho Statesman Hypes Climate Alarm Over Facts Concerning Temperatures and Precipitation in Idaho

A recent article in the Idaho Statesman claims climate change has led to a dramatic increase in temperatures and a decline in precipitation. Neither claim is accurate. Data show Idaho was as hot or...

The 2022 Heatwave Debunked!

Guest Post by William Balgord The US Environmental Protection Agency publishes information in graphical form (see below) purporting to show a steady increase in records relating to heat waves as having occurred from 1960 to...

Wrong, Business Insider, “Hunger Stones” Reappearance Refutes the Claim That Climate Change Is Causing...

A story published by the Business Insider among other media outlets today cites the reappearance of “hunger stones,” in dry European creek and riverbeds as evidence climate change is responsible for the current drought...

Yahoo and AP are Wrong About Northeastern Drought

An Associated Press (AP) story picked up by Yahoo News claims that climate change is causing a trend towards hotter, drier summers and drought in the Northeastern United States. This is false. There is...

Cities Hiring Unnecessary “Heat Officers” to Warn People It’s Hot, Reports the Daily Caller

The Daily Caller ran an article about the recent trend of local governments of major cities creating a new bureaucratic position called "heat officers" to specifically monitor hot weather-related emergencies and advise people how...

Wrong, Trade Finance Global, Weather, Not Climate Change, Is Impacting Key European Crops

A search of Google news for the phrase “climate change,” today turns up a story in Trade Finance Global (TFG) which claims climate change is harming key European crops, exacerbating a food crisis created...

The Climate Agenda Is What’s Melting

Guest Post by Steve Milloy President Biden is being urged to declare a climate emergency, which may happen as early as this week. If he does, the irony will be rich, as the 911 call...

NPR Spreads Misinformation About Climate Change and Models (Again!)

National Public Radio (NPR) ran a story claiming that scientists using computer models can now determine how much more severe a weather event was, or whether a particular event was likely caused by, climate...

Proven Wrong: Texas A&M’s Andrew Dessler on U.S. Heat Waves

Atmospheric scientist Andrew Dessler of Texas A&M University created a stir online at Twitter last year when he decided that a graph published by the EPA, and cited by Bjorn Lomborg a year ago “just didn’t look right.” Science...

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