Relax, Contrary to Media Reports, Research Shows Gulf Stream Collapse Is Not Occurring

A search of Google News for the term “climate change” today shows the mainstream media is abuzz with the claim human climate change is causing the collapse of the Gulf Stream, which could lead... Gaslights Readers on Failed Ocean Predictions – Now Claims Opposite

Just one year after climate activists and their media allies spread fear with claims that global warming is causing the world’s ocean currents to speed up, is now claiming the opposite – and...

The Truth About Ocean Currents

For the past 20 years, alarmists have claimed the ocean currents are slowing down and global warming is to blame. Alarmists backed up their claims with computer models they claimed predicted and replicated the...

Big Changes in Pacific Ocean Patterns Are Likely to Cool Global Climate Debate

Many will be familiar with El Niño – the ocean-warming phenomenon that produces warmer global temperature and wild weather patterns – but how about La Niña, which is linked to cooler sea surface temperatures,...

No, BBC, ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ Science Claims Have Not Come True

BBC has published an article claiming much of the science in the 2004 climate science fiction film The Day After Tomorrow “hold up remarkably well” to historical analysis. Readers who are old enough to...

Scientists Acknowledge Ocean Currents Not Slowing

Scientists are admitting ocean currents have been speeding up in recent years, dealing a stunning blow to ‘consensus’ climate science claims. For the past 20 years, climate alarmists and the alleged scientific consensus have...