Drought, which is the primary climate component regarding wildfires, is becoming less frequent and severe in the United States. Globally, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports increasing precipitation in mid-latitude locations, and no detectable decrease regarding the rest of the globe. Wildfires have always occurred and likely always will, but the Earth’s ongoing modest warming appears to be making wildfires less frequent and severe if the warming is having any impact at all.

Biden's denial of science

President Biden’s False Claims About Extreme Weather Get Ignored by the Corporate Media

Large corporate and local media outlets alike, CNN, The Weather Channel, CBS News, The Washington Post, and the Associated Press, to name just a few, covered President Joe Biden’s “Climate Emergency” speech delivered in...

Thanks, Fox News, For Telling the Truth About Forest (Mis)Management

Fox News recently published an article discussing how forest management in California has contributed to the severity of wildfires there. Fox accurately presented the facts about the need to reduce fuel loads as an...

The Columbia Missourian Makes a Major Blunder on Climate Change and Yosemite Fire

Newspapers are supposed to factually report on events. Apparently, the Columbia Missourian newspaper didn’t get the memo. On Wednesday July 13, the newspaper ran this editorial cartoon by John Darkow in its opinion section: The cartoon,...

NPR Spreads Misinformation About Climate Change and Models (Again!)

National Public Radio (NPR) ran a story claiming that scientists using computer models can now determine how much more severe a weather event was, or whether a particular event was likely caused by, climate...

No, NPR, Public Opinion Polls Aren’t Proof of Climate Change

National Public Radio (NPR) recently ran an article discussing the results of a poll it conducted claiming that Americans are suffering from extreme weather events due to climate change. Although because of the mainstream...

New Data Absolutely Destroys Media Claims of ‘Climate Change is Causing More Wildfire’

The media, politicians, and climate activists like to claim that climate change is making wildfires more frequent and larger. The linkage is the supposed relationship with increasing global atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration due...

Misleading Headline Aside, Market Watch Reveals Some Wildfire Truths

Market Watch published a story implying climate change is causing earlier, more intense wildfires in the desert Southwest. The story provides no evidence that climate change responsible for earlier, particularly severe, wildfires, because such...

Yahoo News Misleads on New Mexico Wildfires

A recent Yahoo News story claims wildfires in New Mexico are starting earlier because of climate change. This is false. Although New Mexico’s wildfire season typically reaches its peak in May and June, wildfires...

Wrong, Mother Jones, Climate Change Is Not Making Jobs More Dangerous

Mother Jones published an article claiming job related accidents and deaths are becoming more common due to climate change. This is false. Data clearly show extreme weather events are not increasing in number or...

Wrong, Denver Post, Fires and Floods Aren’t Increasing

The Denver Post recently ran an article claiming global warming will cause more severe wildfire seasons, as well as more severe floods in the Western United States. Data indicates that these claims are false;...

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