Biden’s Navy Secretary Thinks Climate Change Is the Existential Threat, He’s Wrong!

Just when you think you heard it all, the Navy brass now more worried about “climate change” than they are about actual physical threats to the United States security. You have to wonder what...

Wrong, U.N. and Bloomberg, Climate Change Is Not Making Weather or Immigration Worse

A Bloomberg News story reports U.N. Secretary General Antonio Guterres has called on developed countries to transfer green technologies to developing countries because rich nations have caused catastrophic climate change, imposing costs on poorer nations....

Bank of England Uses False Data, Debunked Scenarios to Overstate Climate Costs

Guest Post by Benny Peiser, Ph.D. Editor’s Note: Banks and large stock portfolio investment management companies have been much in the news lately for their use of Environment, and Social, Governance (ESG) scores as a...

Breitbart is Right, Organic Farming Makes the Food Crisis Worse

In a recent Breitbart article covering part of the World Economic Forum conference at Davos, the writer points out that switching to organic farming would not solve the world’s current food crisis. This is...

Sorry, AZ Central, Climate Change is NOT Causing Animal-Human Disease Transmission

A recent article on AZ Central claims that climate change will be responsible for future animal-transmitted pandemics, and that mitigating alleged man-made warming will alleviate some of the risk. This is false, climate change...

HSBC Banker Is Right About the Climate Apocalypse-Not!

A Google news search for the term “climate change,” this week turns up dozens of stories in the corporate media publicizing and lambasting Stuart Kirk, global head of responsible investment for international banking giant...
Offshore Oil Platform

Thanks, Rigzone, For Reporting on the Biden Administration’s Inconsistent, Harmful Energy Policies

Rigzone reports the Biden administration's recent decision to cancel the sale of several offshore oil and gas leases in the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska is leaving the offshore oil industry concerned about the...

Grid Operators Warn Of Potential Outages in States Closing Coal Plants

Guest Post by Kristin Altus Editor’s Note: Fox Business posted a story discussing the dangers of energy shortages and electric power outages people are facing around the country as a result of state governments and...

No, Time Magazine, Climate Change is Not Worsening Drought

A recent Time magazine article says human-caused climate change is increasing the severity and number of droughts around the world. These claims are false. Drought tracking data show no meaningful trend in severity or...

Americans Still Rank ‘Climate Change’ Dead Last Among Environmental Concerns, Reports Gallup

Despite billions spent annually on outreach, education, and outright propaganda, a new Gallup poll shows Americans still don’t think climate change is the most significant environmental concern facing the world. As shown in Figure 1...

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