Americans Still Rank ‘Climate Change’ Dead Last Among Environmental Concerns, Reports Gallup

Despite billions spent annually on outreach, education, and outright propaganda, a new Gallup poll shows Americans still don’t think climate change is the most significant environmental concern facing the world. As shown in Figure 1...

Climate Activists Throw in the Towel, Admit They Have Failed

The progressive news blog Vox admitted Friday that one-sided media coverage, one-sided student indoctrination, one-sided government propaganda, and an enormous funding-and-spending advantage have failed to carry the debate against Climate Realism. Summarizing the climate...

Actual Vote Falsifies NY Times’ Myth of Climate-Activist Republicans

Among the top Google News search results today for “climate change” is an article published by the New York Times (and picked up by other major newspapers) titled, “Amid extreme weather, a shift in...

No, Florida Voters Are Not Very Worried About Climate Change

The corporate media this week are trumpeting a biased push poll from Saint Leo University claiming a majority of Floridians are worried about climate change. In reality, a vast majority of Floridians are somewhere...

Bye, Bye Paris, What’s Next? A Post-Election Analysis

The U.S. is now officially out of the Paris Climate Agreement, and even if Joe Biden is ultimately declared the President, it will be difficult for him to rejoin and get his agenda through...

New York Times Overstates Importance of Climate Change to Voters

The New York Times published a story yesterday titled, “What Voters in Battleground States Think About Climate Change,” which misleads readers into believing climate change is high-priority issue, especially in battleground states. In reality,...

Pew Poll: Voters Rank Climate Change as a Very Low Priority

Among the top results today in a Google News search for “climate change” is a Pew Research Center poll, which confirms climate change does not rank high on the list of concerns for most...

Does Climate Denier Secretly Mean Holocaust Denier?

The Left calls us climate deniers purely because we're against draconian policies like the Green New Deal. Here's the truth. They want to lump you in with Holocaust deniers. The Heartland Institute's Andy Singer...

Nancy Pelosi Gives an Embarrassing Climate Take

When questioned about the wildfires in California, Nancy Pelosi gives one of the least-convincing takes I've ever seen. Watch this latest video from Andy Singer's Climate Realism series for The Heartland Institute.

Climate Activist Group Presents a Bogus Claim

The Heartland Institute's Andy Singer breaks down a letter the environmental activist group Ceres sent to numerous federal agencies. The letter highlights the costs of extreme weather events. Read the original article here.

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