Carbon tax

Carbon dioxide taxes are tremendously unpopular with the American people. Also, the notion of a “revenue neutral” carbon dioxide tax is an illusion. The purpose and result of taxes on carbon dioxide emissions is to make conventional energy more expensive than already-expensive wind and solar power. However, when people purchase expensive wind and solar power, no tax revenue is collected or returned to the American people. A carbon dioxide tax can theoretically be crafted to be “revenue neutral” for government, but it certainly would not be “revenue neutral” for household budgets.

CNN Is Right, Carbon Credits Won’t Reduce Emissions

A recent article by CNN describes U.S. climate “czar” John Kerry’s latest plan to use carbon credits to raise enough money to help developing nations recover from alleged climate change impacts, as well as...

A ‘Carbon Fee’ Will Not Save Hawaii from Climate Change

A recent story in the Honolulu Civil Beat claims that climate change in Hawaii, driven by fossil-fuel use, is damaging the islands, a problem that can be solved by imposing a tax on carbon...

Sorry, Deseret News, Carbon Taxes Will Harm People, Because They Can’t Be Revenue Neutral

The Deseret News hosted a readers’ forum to address the opinion that a tax on carbon dioxide emissions would be the best solution to address climate change, implying it could be done in a...

Sorry, Wired, GOP Climate Activists Get Slaughtered at the Polls

The leftist website Wired published an April 1 article claiming carbon dioxide taxes enjoy growing conservative support and bipartisan momentum. The article also asserts Republican politicians supporting carbon dioxide taxes are enjoying increasing support...

New Poll Shows Californians Won’t Support Small Climate Tax

In California and elsewhere, when people are asked if they are willing to pay higher energy costs or higher taxes to fight climate change, they usually say no. A newly reported poll in Ventura...

Frank Luntz’s climate push poll

Frank Luntz’s engages in polling malpractice claiming support for carbon dioxide tax.