COVID/Climate Merging: Modeling study claims: ‘Climate Change Will Make Pandemics Like COVID More Likely’

Guest Post from Climate Depot Editor’s Note: Multiple mainstream media outlets, for example,  U.S. News & World Report, The Atlantic, and Forbes, have recently published articles tying climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic together; claiming that viruses and pandemics may...

Kamala Blames Global Warming Rather than Covid Policies for Christmas Logistical Disruptions

Vice President Kamala Harris preemptively blamed global warming rather than ongoing Covid policies for the continuation of delivery delays and other logistical disruptions that may impact this Christmas season. During a media interview last week...

BOMBSHELL: U.N. Admits Emission Reductions Have Been Futile in War on Climate Change

From a World Meteorological Organization (WMO) press release titled "Carbon dioxide levels continue at record levels, despite COVID-19 lockdown," comes this statement about the effects of carbon dioxide (CO2) reductions during the COVID-19 lockdown: "Preliminary...

No, Reuters, Climate Change Will Not Be Worse for Economy than COVID

Among today’s top Google News search results for “Climate Change” is an article by Reuters titled,  “Climate change bigger economic risk than pandemic, ECB’s Schnabel says.” In it, Reuters interviews Isabel Schnabel, a member...

Will Climate Activism Backfire Against Democrats?

James Taylor, president of The Heartland Institute, joins National Report to talk about why the democrats' climate activism will backfire in the election. James states that voters care about the coronavirus and the economy,...

Is the Coronavirus Lockdown the Future Environmentalists Want?

Heartland Institute President James Taylor joined CFACT's Marc Morano and Adam Houser as they discuss the social and economic impacts of the lockdown and how the left is using it as a dress rehearsal...

Al Gore Falsely Claims Fossil Fuels Raise Coronavirus Death Rate

Al Gore falsely attempted to blame fossil fuels for raising the coronavirus death rate during a February 27 MSNBC interview. In reality, economic prosperity brought by the use of abundant, affordable fossil fuels results...

Never Waste A Crisis

Coronavirus is a serious and unique global public health challenge that has crippled and shutdown much of the US and global economies with unprecedented speed and shock. Not surprisingly coronavirus alarm has pushed most other...

UN’s Paris Climate Architect Dismisses Coronavirus Deaths and Misery

The architect of the United Nations’ Paris climate agreement has joined the list of climate activists calling coronavirus deaths “an opportunity.” While dismissing the human misery caused by the coronavirus, Christiana Figueres advocated for...

WHO Official: Coronavirus Shows What Is Possible for Climate Restrictions

In a stunning threat to individual freedom, a powerful international body is eying coronavirus restrictions as an instructive lesson for climate change restrictions. In an address for Extinction Rebellion about coronavirus and climate change, Michael...

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