Never Waste A Crisis

Coronavirus is a serious and unique global public health challenge that has crippled and shutdown much of the US and global economies with unprecedented speed and shock.

Not surprisingly coronavirus alarm has pushed most other issues and concerns out of the news — much to the dismay of climate alarmists. But the alarmists aren’t taking displacement by coronavirus lying down.

In fact, many climate alarmists are trying to use coronavirus as a means of advancing their agenda. They are trying to surf it.

Included here are 60 tweets (a Top Ten, Dishonorable Mention & The Rest) from a wide variety of climate alarmists — activists, celebrities, media and politicians — all trying to harness coronavirus alarm for purposes of advancing climate alarmism.

Remember, as President Trump recently tweeted about the coronavirus crisis:

Top Ten

1. A silver lining of coronavirus – CBS News says you can see dolphins

2. Sky News Ed Conway in The Times (UK) – Coronavirus will kill climate skeptics

3. Democracy for America – $2 trillion coronavirus proves we can afford the Green New Deal

4. Democratic Socialists of America – Coronavirus proves we need the Green New Deal

5. DeSmogBlog – Coronavirus-type lock downs are good for reducing greenhouse gas emissions

6. Oxford historian Peter Frankopan – Coronavirus pandemic is good for the climate by collapsing industrial production

7. Greta Thunberg: Coronavirus lockdown and spending proves we can do the same for climate

8. Extinction Rebellion: Humans are the disease. Coronavirus is the cure

9. Teen climate activist Jamie Margolin: Because young people gave up spring break so old people can live to see next year, old people should consent to climate action

10. Socialist Party USA: Capitalism gave us COVID-19, so socialism now!

Dishonorable Mention: UN Chief Antonio Guterres suggests coronavirus could devastate the economy enough to ‘rebuild’ the world more ‘sustainably’

Dishonorable Mention: Angry at Trump rollback of Obama’s fuel economy standards, Obama likens (imaginary) ‘pandemic denial’ to (imaginary) climate denial and urges voters to dump Trump

The Rest (View the tweets here.)

  1. Inger Andersen, Director, UN Environment Programme
  2. Max Boot
  3. Will Bunch, Philadelphia Inquirer
  4. Ceres
  5. Keith Boykin – CNN
  6. Andrew Cuomo
  7. Pascal Canfin – EU Commission, Environment Committee Chairman
  8. The Elders
  9. Christina Figueres – Former UN Climate Chief
  10. Financial Times
  11. Gizmodo
  12. Greenpeace UK
  13. Grist
  14. Katharine Hayhoe
  15. Eric Holthaus
  16. Inside Climate News
  17. Jane Fonda
  18. Naomi Klein
  19. Fred Krupp – EDF president
  20. League of Conservation Voters
  21. Seth MacFalane
  22. Lisa Savage – Maine Senate Candidate
  23. Michael Mann
  24. Ed Markey
  25. Gina McCarthy – Obama EPA chief, Current NRDC president
  26. Bill McKibben
  27. Bill McKibben
  28. Mother Jones
  29. New York City Democratic Socialists of America
  30. New York Times
  31. Niskanen Center
  32. Peoples Climate
  33. Sheldon Whitehouse
  34. Shyguy Shawn — Radio DJ
  35. Dan Rather
  36. John Schwartz, New York Times
  37. Marshall Shepherd
  38. Steve Silberman
  39. Stanford Woods Institute
  40. Sunrise Movement
  41. Teen Vogue
  42. Thomson Reuters Foundation
  43. Union of Concerned Scientists
  44. UNEP
  45. Elizabeth Warren
  46. Marianne Williamson
  47. World Bank Climate
  48. World Health Organization
  49. World Resources Institute
  50. Yale Center on Climate Change & Health
Steve Milloy
Steve Milloy
Steve Milloy is a recognized leader in the fight against junk science with more than 25 years of accomplishment and experience. He is the founder of and a policy advisor to The Heartland Institute.

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