Coral Reefs

Coral require warm waters and are most heavily concentrated in the world’s warmest bodies of water. Coral have thrived in much warmer global temperatures than today. Cold temperatures are a greater threat to coral than warming temperatures. Factors such as sedimentation, sunscreen, agricultural runoff, and cold temperatures are a much greater threat to coral than global warming.

Mainstream Media Hypes False Claims Climate Change is Killing Coral

A search of Google news for the term “climate change” turns up dozens of stories in the mainstream media covering a report which claims global warming has killed 14 percent of the world’s corals...

Despite Claims of Great Barrier Reef Decline Due to ‘Global Warming’ – No Temperature...

A recent report in the journal Nature proposed an expensive and impractical proposal to alter cloud cover over the ocean to reduce sunlight and “save” the Great Barrier Reef “… in the face of climate...

Good News About The Great Barrier Reef Is No News for the Mainstream Media

A recent report citing reef population data from the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) shows corals on the Great Barrier Reef (GBR) have significantly expanded in number despite repeated bleaching events over the...

Sorry, Climate Alarmists, Coral Numbers Demonstrate Climate Change Extinction Threat Is Non-Existent

That climate change threatens the extinction of coral reefs is among the least well-founded but most persistent assertions made by climate alarmists. In truth, scientists have previously had no clear population count of how...

Coral Extinction Crisis Canceled – New Study Documents Billions of Coral Colonies

A newly published study of coral reefs finds coral populations are staggeringly large and extremely unlikely to face extinction pressures anytime in the foreseeable future. The peer-reviewed study by scientists who had previously promoted...

The Truth About Coral Reefs

The media often proclaims that all coral reefs are dying out due to climate change. That's simply not true. While there are human behaviors that do damage coral, CO2 emissions are not one of...

Science Rebuts New Claims that Warming Is Destroying Coral Reefs

The Associated Press and many other corporate news outlets are promoting a new report by an environmental activist group claiming climate change is threatening the Great Barrier Reef and other reef systems with irreversible...

The Guardian Misleads on Jamaican Beach Erosion

The Guardian recently released an article blaming anthropogenic climate change for the erosion of Jamaican beaches and loss of coral. Andy Singer breaks down why this claim is false and provides real reasons Jamaica...

Is Ocean Acidification a Problem?

The media often claims ocean acidification is a huge problem. Is this true? The Heartland Institute's Andy Singer breaks it down. Read more about this subject here.

New Climate Summary Debunks Ocean Acidification Scare

The oceans are not acidic, and more carbon dioxide is stimulating phytoplankton growth and marine life, reports a new summary published at The new summary: Climate at a Glance: Ocean Acidification, documents that...

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