NPR Spreads Misinformation About Climate Change and Models (Again!)

National Public Radio (NPR) ran a story claiming that scientists using computer models can now determine how much more severe a weather event was, or whether a particular event was likely caused by, climate...

Thanks, Logan Daily News, for Telling the Truth About Temperature Related Deaths

In a refreshingly honest article in the Logan Daily News, author Bud Simpson cites data from research showing deaths from non-optimal temperatures are declining amid climate change. Simpson is right and he and the...

Is Lake Mead shrinking because of climate?

Guest Post by Steve Milloy Wall Street Journal reporter Jim Carlton says Lake Mead is shrinking because of climate change. Is it? We report. You decide. Here’s is Carlton’s claim: First, the history of Lake Mead’s elevation is actually...

CNN Can’t Resist Mixing Climate Fiction with Truth Concerning Hurricane Research

It seems CNN just can’t play it straight with climate research when it goes against the narrative climate change is making extreme weather worse. Case in point is a story published by CNN which...

Proven Wrong: Texas A&M’s Andrew Dessler on U.S. Heat Waves

Atmospheric scientist Andrew Dessler of Texas A&M University created a stir online at Twitter last year when he decided that a graph published by the EPA, and cited by Bjorn Lomborg a year ago “just didn’t look right.” Science...

An Awful Chilly Global Warming in the Southern Hemisphere

As the southern hemisphere shifts into the winter this year, a multitude of media outlets are claiming that recent cold snaps, record setting temperatures, snow, and ice, in South America and Australia are unprecedented,...

No, NPR, Public Opinion Polls Aren’t Proof of Climate Change

National Public Radio (NPR) recently ran an article discussing the results of a poll it conducted claiming that Americans are suffering from extreme weather events due to climate change. Although because of the mainstream...

Searching For Global Warming, Pittsburgh Freezes Under Record Cold

Global warming appears to be AWOL in Pennsylvania this spring, as the city of Pittsburgh experienced record cold this week. Temperatures yesterday morning fell to 46 degrees as residents would otherwise dream of cookouts...

Long, Cold Spring Worries Washington Farmers, Delays Growing Season

Farmers in Washington state are fearing poor crop production this year because of a persistently cold spring. Hoping to salvage something close to a normal crop season, they are praying for warmer temperatures. “I don’t...

Seattle Media Complains About Persistently Cold Temperatures

The Seattle Times appears to have had its fill of persistently cold temperatures this spring, and the newspaper does not seem thrilled about a forecast for continuing cold. In an article titled, “What to expect...

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