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Editor’s note: This summary serves as a fact check on the biggest false claims made in the media in April, 2023. 

April 2023 continued to disappoint the hopes and dreams of the climate alarmist crowd as the month was significantly cooler than April 1998, per NASA satellite data, despite 65% more manmade atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2).

This is hard to explain under the global warming rubric that every molecule of CO2 causes a rise in average global temperature. Not only is there no demonstrable causation between emissions and temperatures, there is not even correlation. More on this later. First, 10 selected fact checks for April 2023.

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To wind up this edition of Climate Fact Check, also notable was the fact that April 2023 was cooler than April 1981, despite 137% more manmade atmospheric CO2.


Once again, that is not explained by the climate narrative. We will leave it to the Babylon Bee to sum up the sad state of what passes a “climate science.”



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