Biden Administration Claims ‘tens of millions’ climate refugees coming, history shows otherwise

Recently Yahoo News ran an article, titled “Biden administration report foresees 'tens of millions' of climate change refugees in the coming decades. The report and Yahoo New’s story covering it claims climate change is...

Mainstream Media Hypes False Claims Climate Change is Killing Coral

A search of Google news for the term “climate change” turns up dozens of stories in the mainstream media covering a report which claims global warming has killed 14 percent of the world’s corals...

NBC Sounds Sea Level Alarm at Navy Base – With No Sea Level Acceleration

NBC News local affiliate WAVY channel 10 in Virginia’s Portsmouth-Norfolk-Hampton viewing market published an article this past week blaming global warming for local sea-level rise that allegedly threatens naval facilities. In reality, objective tidal...

North Dakota Professor and the Williston Herald Mislead about Ag-Climate Connection

The Williston Herald (North Dakota) published a story claiming climate change is both a significant cause of climate change and is being decimated by it. Both claims are false. Data show agriculture does not...

Sorry, Science News, Climate Change Is Not Causing a Rice Apocalypse

A story published by Science News says climate change threatens to cause a collapse in rice production. Nothing could be further from the truth. Data from the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)...

World Economic Forum Asserts Climate Change Pasta Crisis – As Production Sets Records

An article published by the World Economic Forum (WEF) today, titled “Bad news for pasta lovers: the effect of climate change on food staples,” claims climate change is threatening the supply of staple crops,...

Facts Debunk NPR Claim that Global Warming Is Causing Dying Trees, Power Outages

At the top of Google News search results this morning for “climate change,” National Public Radio (NPR) claims global warming is causing a mass die-off of trees in California and throughout the country, with...

NBC Claims Seafood Climate Crisis – As Production Keeps Setting Records

Among the top Google News search results today for “climate change” is a story by NBC Nightly News claiming climate change is causing falling seafood production and rising seafood prices. NBC’s story is false....

Denver Post Claims Global Warming Causing Heat-Loving Tarantulas to Disappear from Colorado

At the top of search results today for “climate change,” Google News is promoting a Denver Post article claiming global warming is causing heat-loving tarantulas to disappear from Colorado. The Denver Post article was...

Media Claims of ‘Unprecedented Rain Falling On Greenland Ice Sheet’ Are False

This past week, the mainstream media deluged the public with stories claiming Greenland’s ice sheet was experiencing rainfall for the first time ever. History proves this claim is false and the stories are wrong. Rain...

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