WaPo Rehashes Tired Allergy-Climate Change Connection, Misses the Bigger Good News

The Washington Post (WaPo) published a story today, titled “Climate change is making pollen season even worse across the country,” claiming the modest warming experienced over the past century is worsening allergy seasons. This...

Inside Climate News Confuses Models with Reality

Inside Climate News recently published an article discussing a new model which warns of an impending global food production drop due to climate change. Climate models have proven notoriously bad at describing reality, and...

Sorry, WaPo, There Is No Evidence Bleaching Threatens a Great Barrier Reef “Tipping Point”

The Washington Post (WaPo) published an article today discussing the fact that Australia’s Great Barrier Reef (GBR) recently suffered its “sixth massive bleaching event,” blaming it on climate change. The evidence that long-term climate...

Sorry, Washington Post, Snow and Dogsledding Are Safe in Michigan

A recent Washington Post article about dogsledding in Michigan claims that human caused climate change has reduced the season for racing due to warmer temperatures and less snowpack. Data show that there is no...

Climate Facts Unwelcome at Wellcome, Climate Change Benefitting Not Harming Health

The London-based charitable foundation, Wellcome, published a report claiming climate change poses a global public health threat. This is false. Contrary to the Wellcome’s report, data show deaths related to extreme weather events and...

Thanks, Epoch Times, For Reporting on the Good News About This Roo

A recent Epoch Times article details the resurgence of one iconic Australian animal species impacted by the “Black Summer” fires of 2019-2020. The story out of Australia demonstrates, once again, the resilience of animal...

Contra The Economist, Coffee and Tea Are Thriving in East Africa

A recent article in The Economist claims climate change is harming the production of coffee and tea in East Africa; Kenya in particular. This is false. As the earth has modestly warmed, coffee and...

Sorry, Associated Press, a Greener World Is a Blessing, Even if Allergies Increase

A story by Seth Borenstein published by the Associated Press, titled “The Big Sneeze: Climate change to make pollen season nastier,” complains the modest warming experienced over the past century has lengthened allergy seasons....

Poll Shows Maryland Residents Don’t Know Climate Facts; Thanks, Baltimore Sun, for Misleading Them

A recent survey of Maryland residents' thoughts about climate change found that the majority of Marylanders believe that climate change is having some degree of present negative effect; through the weather, on sea levels,...

No, Associated Press, ‘Climate Change’ Isn’t Making it Harder to ‘Fight Fire with Fire’

Among the stories playing the blame game on climate change this week is one from Brittany Peterson and Matthew Brown of the Associated Press (AP) titled Changing snowfall makes it harder to fight fire...

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