Economic harm

The Earth’s modest recent warming appears to be bringing net economic benefits, such as increasing crop yields, while greenhouse gas restrictions would bring net economic harms. Climate activism rather than our modest ongoing climate change provides the greatest economic harms and threats.

Is Climate Change Causing Mass Migration?

The Heartland Institute's Andy Singer destroys the claim that global warming is leading to mass migration from southern states to northern ones. Read more about this subject here.
British agriculture

Thanks, Epoch Times, for Reporting on How Net-Zero Policies Are Destroying British Agriculture

A recent Epoch Times article describes how the British government’s efforts to attain net-zero carbon dioxide emissions are hindering British agriculture, leading to food shortages that will likely get worse. The author, Owen Evans,...

Thanks, Center Square, For Reporting on the Effects of High Fossil Fuel Prices on...

The Center Square reports that a recent study is predicting food prices will remain high into 2023. The Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute’s Senior Research Associate Ben Brown told The Center Square that...

Real Threats to Biodiversity and Humanity

Guest Post by Paul Driessen  References to climate change almost guarantee funding, even for research topics of little interest beyond academia and eco-activists. Polls reveal that most people worry most about energy and food prices,...

A ‘Carbon Fee’ Will Not Save Hawaii from Climate Change

A recent story in the Honolulu Civil Beat claims that climate change in Hawaii, driven by fossil-fuel use, is damaging the islands, a problem that can be solved by imposing a tax on carbon...

Breitbart is Right, Organic Farming Makes the Food Crisis Worse

In a recent Breitbart article covering part of the World Economic Forum conference at Davos, the writer points out that switching to organic farming would not solve the world’s current food crisis. This is...

Is Fracking Ban Worth Paying for $4 Gasoline?

As voters head to the polls in this year’s presidential primaries and general election, America’s affordable gasoline prices are also on the ballot. Bernie Sanders is calling for a total ban on fracking for oil...

Sorry, Time, Crop Production Is Growing Due to Climate Change, Not Declining

A recent story in Time magazine links the world’s current food supply chain crisis to climate change. This is false. Although crop production is down at the present and supplies are constrained, other factors...

Douglas Pollock, ICCC13 (Panel 4: Winning Public Policy Options)

Douglas Pollock, a civil industrial engineer, speaks on Panel 4: Winning Public Policy Options at Heartland's Thirteenth International Conference on Climate Change. Pollock discusses the effects certain policies have on Chilean energy.

Biden Energy Policies Cost $100 BILLION a year, Reports Just the News

The news website Just the News, published a story written by Aaron Kleigman, which discusses the high costs imposed on the U.S. economy by policies imposed by President Joe Biden to limit the production, delivery,...