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Vulnerable populations

Alarmists often claim particular human population groups are more vulnerable to global warming than others. People in poverty-stricken Third World nations are often the groups so identified. In reality, the modest recent increase in global temperatures has ushered in record crop yields and other climate benefits in Third World nations and the world as a whole. Also, access to affordable electricity would improve human living standards in Third World nations far more than expensive, low-emissions wind and solar power. Vulnerable populations are the greatest beneficiaries of conventional energy and the Earth’s modest, recent warming.

No, CBS News, Drought in Somalia is Not Being Driven by Climate Change

CBS News recently published a news report claiming climate change is resulting in Somali children dying from starvation. The link between climate change and Somali children starving is false. Somalia’s present drought is not...

NPR Wrongly Blames Climate Change for Suffering Caused by Civil War, Corruption, and Weather

National Public Radio (NPR) recently published a largely pictorial article, titled “Meet 5 women documenting the effects of climate change around the world,” composed of photographs taken by women that supposedly, “highlight climate change.”...

Sorry, Reuters, Armed Conflict and Destructive Economic Policies Cause Humanitarian Crises, Not Climate Change

Reuters published an article recently claiming climate change was one of the primary factors causing an increasing number of countries and peoples to face a humanitarian crisis. This is false. Although the number of...

UN Celebrates World Water Day by Diverting Clean Water Funds to Climate Alarmism

The United Nations ‘celebrated’ World Water Day on March 22 by needlessly taking away scarce funds for clean water programs and transferring them to alarmist climate propaganda. In the process, the United Nations assured...

Hijacked Earth Day Promotes Climate Falsehood and Poverty

Guest Post by Vijay Jayaraj Earth Day could be an event for people to pause and take note of the value of ecological health. However, the day has been hijacked by radical environmentalists and policy...

Get the Facts Straight, CNBC, Climate Change Is Not Harming Cambodia’s Crops

A story published by CNBC claims climate change is damaging Cambodia's crops by making it hard for Cambodian farmers and fishers to pay back loans they’ve taken out against their assets due to climate...

Climate Change and the Indian Marriage Crisis

The Heartland Institute's Andy Singer breaks down the supposed relation between an Indian marriage crisis and climate change.

Time Mag is Wrong, Climate Change Will Not Make Food Scarce

A Time Magazine article ascribes the potential for a major food crisis to two sources: the war in Ukraine and climate change. Concerning the latter claim, Time is simply wrong. While the war in...

Wrong, Media and COP-27, Africa Is Not De-Carbonizing, Oil Exploration Is Expanding

The media and representatives at 2022’s U.N. Climate Change Conference (COP27) claimed that various nations of Africa, often suffering from extreme weather, are desperate for climate change initiatives like de-carbonizing by banning fossil fuel...

Is Climate Change Causing Mass Migration?

The Heartland Institute's Andy Singer destroys the claim that global warming is leading to mass migration from southern states to northern ones. Read more about this subject here.