Washington Post Lies About Climate Change, Floods

Among the climate click-bait articles getting Google attention today is a piece in the Washington Post, ‘Millions of homeowners face flood risks without realizing it, and climate change is making it worse.” The article...

Anthony Watts: Wild Fires are Weather, not Climate Change

Heartland Institute Senior Fellow Anthony Watts was a guest this week on "Breitbart News Tonight" on Sirius XM Satellite Radio to talk about the raging wildfires near his home in California and throughout the...

EPA’s New ‘Climate Change Indicators’ Publication Misleads on Heatwaves

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency brought back its Climate Change Indicator’s platform last week. The platform claims various weather trends show, “Climate change is happening now … more extreme weather events.” This is...

Insurance Profiteers Falsely Blame Climate Change for Rising Weather Losses

A Google search for news about “climate change” today brings up a multiple articles, citing a report by the US-UK insurance broker Aon, claiming climate change caused three hundred billion dollars in economic and...

Were Kentucky’s Floods Caused By Climate Change?

Guest Post By Paul Homewood From the Guardian: Joe Biden on Monday toured parts of eastern Kentucky devastated by the worst flooding in the state’s history and pledged to help recovery, while his spokesperson warned that...

Fess Up, Washington Post, Actual Data Doesn’t Show Climate Change Made Ida Worse

A story in the Washington Post, titled “How climate change helped make Hurricane Ida one of Louisiana’s worst,” with Hurricane Ida as its news hook, asserts human caused climate change is driving more intense...

No, Climate Change Is Not ‘Straining Budgets’ in Colorado Towns

The Colorado Sun published a misleading and scientifically deficient article titled, “The high cost of climate change is already straining the budgets of Colorado towns.” To reach that conclusion, the article ignored real-world climate...

CBC Understands the Difference Between Weather and Climate, Other Canadian News Outlets Don’t

Amid back to back “atmospheric rivers” bringing substantial amounts of rainfall to much of the Pacific Northwest, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation published a thoughtful article, describing the difference between weather and climate. The CBC’s...

The Hill Is Wrong, Climate Change Is Grossly Overemphasized as a Factor Causing Wildfires

Near the top of a Google news search for the phrase “climate change” today turns up a story in The Hill claiming the media is failing to properly place the blame for wildfires on...

Proven Wrong: Texas A&M’s Andrew Dessler on U.S. Heat Waves

Atmospheric scientist Andrew Dessler of Texas A&M University created a stir online at Twitter last year when he decided that a graph published by the EPA, and cited by Bjorn Lomborg a year ago “just didn’t look right.” Science...

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