Climate Activists Dispute Study Claiming Warming Is ‘Past Point of No Return’

USA Today and other media outlets are publicizing an alarmist climate study claiming Earth has passed a “point of no return” for unending global warming. The study is so flawed that even climate activists...

Funniest Things Blamed on Climate Change

What are the most ridiculous things the media has blamed climate change on? Andy Singer breaks down the thirty funniest claims the media has made yet.

Embarrassing a Climate Alarmist Group

Andy Singer doesn't let Climate Power 2020 off the hook. They claimed that catastrophic climate change would lead to voter suppression, but we've seen an all-time high turnout. These alarmists will never admit their...

Follow Up: ClimatePower2020 Proven Dead Wrong About ‘climate change making it harder to vote’

A few days ago, CR published an essay that pointed out how a dark-money funded outfit called "ClimatePower2020" made a ridiculous claim about how "climate change" would supposedly keep people from being able to...

Ridiculous Claim That Climate Change Is Causing Voter Suppression!

The political group Climate Power 2020 made the absurd claim that climate change is leading to voter suppression. Light on facts and heavy on alarmism, Climate Power 2020 blames Trump for climate change preventing...

No, “Climate Change” Isn’t Making It Harder to Vote

A press release from a political group called “ClimatePower2020” makes ridiculously wild claims that “climate change” is making it more difficult to vote in the upcoming presidential election, by creating severe weather extremes that...

Daily Kos Hit Piece Response

Andy Singer responds to a Daily Kos hit piece aimed at Climate Realism. The Daily Kos failed to do even the most basic research on their claims, embarrassing themselves in the process. Read the Daily...

Daily Kos Defends Big Tech, Is Confused About Crop Yields vs Crop Production

The leftist website Daily Kos is feeling threatened by the Climate Realism website. Yesterday, Daily Kos published an article titled, “Heartland Is Apparently Confused About How Google Works. Oh, And It Is Stupid About...

Presidential Debate #2 Climate Change Reaction

Climate change was a main topic in presidential debate #2. Check out our analysis of what each candidate said. Did Trump win the debate? Did Biden hold his own? Andy Singer discusses these questions...

U.N. Denies Its Own Data to Stoke Hurricane Panic

A new report issued by the United Nations World Meteorological Agency (WMA), titled “The Human Cost of Disasters,” asserts climate change is causing more frequent and severe weather disasters each year. Yesterday, Climate Realism documented...

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