Radical Actions to Fight Climate Change Are Worthless (Guest: Benjamin Zycher)

Nobel prize winning economist William Nordhaus has come under sustained attack from the environmental left because the integrated model he developed to consider the economic and environmental impacts of climate change and policies proposed...

The Guardian Stumbles into the “Truthful Reporting” Trap When it Comes to Climate Change

A recent press release about a study from The Ohio State University (OSU) titled “Science coverage of climate change can change minds – briefly,” states “ccurate beliefs fade quickly, especially if challenged.” The Guardian newspaper...

Seven Ways the Texas Tribune Misleads on Climate

By Linnea Lueken and Sterling Burnett  A recent piece in The Texas Tribune lists seven alleged ways climate change is already impacting the state of Texas and its residents. When not outright false, the listed...

Alarmist scientists urge dialing back over-the-top assertions

‘Consensus’ scientists admit media push unrealistic climate predictions. Click Here to Read More

NASA and NOAA’s Latest Climate Warning Is a Result of Purposefully Flawed Data

Because science is the pursuit of knowledge, and political actions almost necessarily restrict personal freedom, science, laws, and regulations should use the best available data.

The IPCC’s 1990 Predictions Were Even Worse Than We Thought

Guest Opinion By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley My article on IPCC’s 1990 predictions has provoked such panic among the ranks of the ungodly that I have taken a closer look at the First Assessment Report. Its predictions...

A Single, Serious, Significant Error of Physics (Lord Christopher Monckton, ICCC13)

Lord Christopher Monckton, former advisor to British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and renowned mathematician published in peer-reviewed climate journals, presents an afternoon Keynote Address at The Heartland Institute's Thirteenth International Conference on Climate Change.

Models, Data, and Data (Patick Michaels, ICCC13)

Patrick Michaels, past director of the Center for the Study of Science at the Cato Institute, speaks on Panel 3: Scientific Observations at The Heartland Institute's Thirteenth International Conference on Climate Change.

Wrong, The Conversation, “Synchronized” Crop Failures Are Not Imminent Due to Climate Change

A recent article in The Conversation claims that new research shows that climate change is changing the jet stream, in turn causing multiple extreme weather events around the world at once, which could disrupt...

The Media is Misleading on Attribution and Heat Waves

Citing research from the group World Weather Attribution, New Scientist, Reuters, The Guardian, and other media outlets have published stories claiming climate change is making heatwaves and other extreme weather events more severe. Data...