Google News Promotes Misinformation, Falsely Links Mexican Drought Story to ‘Climate Change’

A search of Google News today for the term “climate change” turns up a story from the Spanish daily newspaper El Pais (“the country,” in English) discussing the various harms people are suffering as...

Science Demonstrates Media Claims the Washington and British Columbia Floods Were Caused by ‘Climate...

Heavy rainfall recently created damaging floods over British Columbia and Northwest Washington, with the town of Sumas, WA hit hard by floodwaters. It didn’t take long for ‘woke’ politicians and the media to start...

Climate Alarmists Conceal Global Temperature Anomaly Measurement Declines Despite Increasing Atmospheric CO2

Guest essay by Larry Hamlin NOAA published its global climate report for year end 2021 highlighting that its global temperature anomaly measurements showed 2021 being the sixth highest of its recorded measurements. NOAA’s global annual measurement for 2021 was 0.84...

An Inconvenient Truth: Tornado Numbers Expose Al Gore’s Lies

In two articles published this past week here at Climate Realism, we showed how Al Gore’s predictions about melting glaciers in Glacier National Park and disappearing snows at Mt. Kilimanjaro have proven spectacularly wrong....

Climate Activists Step Up Calls for Imprisoning Climate Realists

Unable to win the debate in the court of public opinion, climate activists are increasingly calling for the imprisonment of climate realists. The latest example is an article in Carbon Brief titled “How climate...

Video: Climate Prediction Swings and Misses: A Decade of Alarmist Strike Outs, 2010-2019

What follows are climate predictions forecast to come true during the 2010s - one for each year. A few timely missed predictions for 2020 are also added as a bonus feature.

Will Joe Biden Ban Fracking?

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris never give a straight answer when asked if they'll ban fracking. They may not ban it outright, but Biden and Harris have an indirect plan to end fracking altogether....

Mann, Hayhoe try to erase the Medieval warm period

Alarmists try in vain to make Little Ice Age disappear.

NBC Relies on Bad Science to Scare Viewers

This morning NBC News aired a segment discussing a study from researchers at the University of Waterloo who claim that the winter Olympics may be almost impossible to hold due to global warming by...

Video: Don’t let the “Climate Grinches” ruin your holidays

They do it every year. Climate alarmists try to make you believe that your future holidays won't be "cheery and bright" due to climate change allegedly wiping holiday food off the table. Heartland Institute Vice...

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