In a move that would divert resources and attention away from fighting a potential world pandemic, a top European Union official said the EU should focus on passing climate change restrictions as a means of fighting the coronavirus. Not only would diverting attention to climate restrictions harm short-term efforts to combat coronavirus, it also ignores the fact that coronavirus thrives under colder rather than warmer conditions.

According to the UK Guardian, “Frans Timmermans, a European commission vice-president who leads on the climate emergency, said the different crises facing Europe underscored the need for a climate law in order not to lose track of reducing emissions.”

“Even if the Eye of Sauron is on something else for a bit, the trajectory to 2050 will be clear,” said Timmermans, according to the Guardian, “because we discipline ourselves with the climate law.”

Coronavirus, like influenza, thrives in colder temperatures but has difficulty thriving and spreading when temperatures are warmer. That is why experts predict the Northern Hemisphere summer will dramatically curtail the spread of coronavirus.

Climate activists often warn about earlier warmth in spring and summer. To the extent global warming may cause a somewhat earlier onset of spring and summer, and somewhat warmer resulting temperatures, those welcome factors will fight against the spread of coronavirus.

Nevertheless, Timmermans and other climate alarmists are shamelessly exploiting the coronavirus threat to push an activist climate agenda that will take attention away from real efforts that can fight coronavirus. Moreover, without the modest warming that has occurred, we would now be living in a climate much more susceptible to a worsening coronavirus and a possible pandemic.

Global warming fights coronavirus, climate activism promotes the spread of coronavirus.

Tiffany Taylor is an associate policy analyst for the Heartland Institute.


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