Nobel prize winning economist William Nordhaus has come under sustained attack from the environmental left because the integrated model he developed to consider the economic and environmental impacts of climate change and policies proposed to prevent it doesn’t endorse radical restrictions on fossil fuels.

Nordhaus’ model indicates policies like the Green New Deal, endorsed by the Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris, will impose huge costs on the economy while preventing little if any future temperature increase.


  1. hysteria drives calls/texts to Congress; that may mean Congress responds to hysteria. when the climate bureaucracy Pres elect Biden assembles forwards its bulky mass of regulations and legal code changes to Congress(those that aren’t simply put in Fed Register to slip past public) cost and impact analyses need to go not just to staffs of few sane members of Congress, but to local TV/blogs/taxpayer/local governments. For little change in temperature, it is gonna cost a lot, perhaps with impacts to public health, as well as to pocket book. With all the hit public health has taken from COVID and an aging population, the costs to medical care will be substantial as well if costs of medical equipment and running hospitals and outpatient centers soar. Medical care now means devices that use power. The cost of power directly relates to scarcity of resources available to a population that demands hi techcare for every ache and bump.


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