What are the most ridiculous things the media has blamed climate change on? Andy Singer breaks down the thirty funniest claims the media has made yet.

Andy Singer is the Digital Media Manager at The Heartland Institute and the host of Climate Realism videos.


  1. There has to be a finite amount of IR availabile to be absorbed. Has anyone stated what concentration of CO2/water vapor will accomplish this? Are we already there?

    • That information has been available for many years already, albeit buried under the avalanche of leftist lies that are the true pollutant.

      What you refer to is the transmittance-absorbance (T – A) curve. Basically, it uses light absorb acne the same way it is used to measure thousands of chemicals, from heavy metals in wastewater to organic pollutants to medication metabolism in blood.

      My only 85-90 ppm, carbon dioxide has absorbed 90% of the light energy in its wavelengths, leaving only 10% being transmitted. (A is measured as an inverse log, so 1 = 90%, 2 = 99%, 3 = 99.9%, etc.) This can be likened to a single coat of paint on a wall, with a hint of the old color still visible. By the range of 280-290, A = 2, or 99% absorption and only 1% transmittance. This is like a second coat of paint, essentially total coverage of the old color.

      Anything above that 280-290 ppm level has only a trace effect on heat retention at the wavelengths of CO2 absorption. The graph of this is very similar to a natural log.


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