Guest Post by Steve Milloy

Wall Street Journal reporter Jim Carlton says Lake Mead is shrinking because of climate change. Is it? We report. You decide.

Here’s is Carlton’s claim:

First, the history of Lake Mead’s elevation is actually quite volatile.

And the elevation is relatively low now — about 1,070 feet.

But today’s elevation is not all that different from the low points of 1956 and 1965 (about 1,090 feet, shown in first graph), especially when you consider the increases in water use and human management of reservoir levels over time.

No doubt that drought is affecting Lake Mead. But Western drought is natural (the region is a desert, after all), and Lake Mead was comparably low more than 100 ppm CO2 ago.


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  1. Can you show water withdrawsover time? Your text mentions increased withdraws, but no volumes are mentioned, neither historical nor current.

  2. It is artificial, supplies water to millions of people who constantly use more water, has had low levels before and is in a desert!!! Then idiots who know zero, nothing, about the Earth´s climate and greenhouse gases, oceanography, geophysics, astronomy and solar physics and meteorology and atmospheric physics, get hysterical and talk the same rubbish we keep hearing from the lying globalists about a changing climate !!! What? Absolutely laughable! LOL! LOL! LOL! We all know the real reasons for the globalist “elites” fearmongering: wealth redistribution to enrichen themselves and for their insane communist one world government Agenda 2021, Agenda 2030 and Great Reset !!!


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