Climate Fact-Check February 2023 Edition

Guest Post by: The Competitive Enterprise Institute, The Heartland Institute, the Energy & Environmental Legal Institute, the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow, and the International Climate Science Coalition, and Truth in Energy and Climate.

Editor’s note: This summary serves as a fact check on the biggest false claims made in the media in February, 2023. 

Link: NASA satellite data.

Links: Axios article, Read more link, The New York Times article, “global cooling reduces snowfall,” “global warming causes blizzards,” Read more.

Links: The Washington Post article, read more link, Bloomberg article, read more.

Links: The Nation article, read more link.

Links: Axios article, “human-caused global warming,” read more, Eco-Business article, read more.

Links: The Washington Post article, read more.

Links: The Washington Post mosquito article, read more, The Washington Post Colorado river article, read more.

Link: ChatGPT experiment.

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Steve Milloy
Steve Milloy
Steve Milloy is a recognized leader in the fight against junk science with more than 25 years of accomplishment and experience. He is the founder of and a policy advisor to The Heartland Institute.

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