Guest Post by: The Competitive Enterprise Institute, The Heartland Institute, the Energy & Environmental Legal Institute, the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow, and the International Climate Science Coalition, and Truth in Energy and Climate.

Editor’s note: This summary serves as a fact check on the biggest false claims made in the media in May, 2023. 

May 2023 was cooler than May 1998, according to NASA satellite data. That’s despite industrial era atmospheric CO2 increasing about 66% over the past 25 years.

We have been told for decades that every emission warms the planet and that emissions drive warming. That doesn’t really seem to be the case now, does it?

Here are 10 other notable fact checks from May 2023. There were many more that could have been selected. But there’s so much climate hoax and only so much time.

Links: AP article, Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia.

Links: New York Times article, Read more.

Link: The Hill article.

Links: Washington Post article, National Climate Assessment.

Links: The New York Times article, Forbes article on economic costs.

Links: The AP article, Probability article.

Links: The Wall Street Journal article, NASA data article.

Links: The Washington Post article, Growth of Greenland’s Petermann Glacier since 2012.

Links: Bloomberg News article. 

Links: The Telegraph article, NOAA tide gauge data.

We close out this month by spotlighting the embarrassing work
of Seth Borenstein of the Associated Press. In this story…

Borenstein reported in the highlighted section:

But Borenstein reported that without fact-checking the claim. The study authors wrote in the study:

The study authors frankly admit their alarm-killing lack of data. But Borenstein either didn’t
bother to read what the authors wrote or didn’t bother to report the inconvenient reality of what he read. This is no surprise because, as reported by Media Research Center in May, the Associated Press is paid big bucks by leftwing foundations to propagandize on climate.

See you next month.

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