Climate change will cost much less than we think

Climate alarmism, not climate change, is causing economic harm.

There Is No Climate Change Consensus

The media constantly tells us there's a consensus that climate change is anthropogenic and catastrophic. Barack Obama tweeted something similar. Well, do scientific bodies agree? The Heartland Institute's Andy Singer highlights that the scientific...

The Climate Refugee Scare Never Happened

For decades, climate alarmists have claimed that catastrophic climate change would lead towards tens of millions of climate refugees fleeing their homes looking for safe haven. These claims have failed to pan out, and...

Congressional Directive to National Academies Shows Politics Drive Climate Research

Does science drive climate policy or do politics drive climate research? The Democrat-controlled Congress is answering that question for us with a new directive telling the National Academies to establish a Climate Security Roundtable...

UN Celebrates World Water Day by Diverting Clean Water Funds to Climate Alarmism

The United Nations ‘celebrated’ World Water Day on March 22 by needlessly taking away scarce funds for clean water programs and transferring them to alarmist climate propaganda. In the process, the United Nations assured...

Frank Luntz’s climate push poll

Frank Luntz’s engages in polling malpractice claiming support for carbon dioxide tax.

Is the Coronavirus Lockdown the Future Environmentalists Want?

Heartland Institute President James Taylor joined CFACT's Marc Morano and Adam Houser as they discuss the social and economic impacts of the lockdown and how the left is using it as a dress rehearsal...

The UN’s Climate Agenda Ends in a ‘COP-Out’ at COP26 in Glasgow

After two years of planning and 14 days of negotiations, the Glasgow climate pact was adopted on Saturday. The Conference Of Parties #26 (COP26) is now history, and in the end, the details show...

UN’s Paris Climate Architect Dismisses Coronavirus Deaths and Misery

The architect of the United Nations’ Paris climate agreement has joined the list of climate activists calling coronavirus deaths “an opportunity.” While dismissing the human misery caused by the coronavirus, Christiana Figueres advocated for...

The North Face Rejects Making Clothing for an Oil and Gas Company, Is Clueless...

In the news today is a hilarious case of lack of self-awareness and hypocrisy coming from The North Face, a popular outdoor clothing company. The North Face refused to make jackets for an oil...

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