John Kerry, Biden’s ‘Climate Czar’, Admits U.S. Carbon Dioxide Emission Cuts are Pointless

Caught on video: John Kerry admitted U.S. CO2 emissions cuts are pointless at Joe Biden's Leaders Summit on Climate where they say: "Confronting the climate crisis requires unprecedented global cooperation, as well as...

The warming wind turbines of climate change

Life-cycle impact of wind turbines is net warming.

Climate Activists Throw in the Towel, Admit They Have Failed

The progressive news blog Vox admitted Friday that one-sided media coverage, one-sided student indoctrination, one-sided government propaganda, and an enormous funding-and-spending advantage have failed to carry the debate against Climate Realism. Summarizing the climate...

Climate Change Alarmism Is Really About Socialism

The fight against climate change alarmism is bigger than climate policy. In reality, it's a fight against a socialist takeover of America. The Heartland Institute's Andy Singer provides proof that political elites want to...

Russia Is Right, There Is No Connection Between Climate, National Security, and the United...

Russia recently vetoed the U.N. Security Council Resolution aimed at labeling climate change a threat to international peace and security. They were right to block the United Nations’ efforts to expand its mission. As described...

No, Climate Change Is Not Turning the Amazon into a Savannah

Among the top Google News search results today for “climate change” is an article by the UK Guardian claiming climate change is drying out the Amazon rainforest and pushing it to a “tipping point,”...

Commission: Raise food prices to stop global warming

UK government commissions calls for higher meat prices to fight global warming.

Indiana Group Uses Facts to Fight for Reliable Electricity

Historically, states have been legally in control of directing the sources of electric power production and the development of the delivery systems within their borders. As a result, the fight for reliable, affordable electricity...

The UN’s Climate Agenda Ends in a ‘COP-Out’ at COP26 in Glasgow

After two years of planning and 14 days of negotiations, the Glasgow climate pact was adopted on Saturday. The Conference Of Parties #26 (COP26) is now history, and in the end, the details show...

Social Cost of Carbon May Be Social Benefit of Carbon, Economist Finds

The Biden administration made headlines on Friday by imposing a “social cost of carbon” – to be factored into federal cost-benefit analysis – that is more than six times higher than the social cost...

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