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Report Finds Line 5 Pipeline Shutdown Would Cost Midwest Families Billions in Additional Fuel Costs

Shutdown Would Also Result In Over 33,000 Lost Jobs, $8 Billion In Lost GSP, $20 Billion In Lost Economic Activity, And $265 Million In Lost Tax Revenue A new report from the Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA) argues...

Testimony on the Folly of Electrifying the U.S. Transportation System

Bryce Congressional Testimony Details Economic, Societal, National Security Hazards of Electrifying U.S. Transportation System Testimony delivered before the House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis in June by Robert Bryce, a visiting fellow at the...

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Video: Roy Spencer Sets the Record Straight on Global Warming

Scott Denning, Ph.D. and Roy Spencer, Ph.D. debate the dangers and causes of global warming.

Place blame for recent tornadoes where It belongs

Tornadoes are in long-term decline due to warming temperatures. Click here to Read More

Climate, Government, and the Green Deal (James Taylor, ICCC13)

James Taylor, senior fellow for environment and energy policy at The Heartland Institute, speaks on Panel 4: Winning Public Policy Options at the Thirteenth...

NOAA’s Bogus Climate Scare: “Near-Annual” Great Barrier Reef Bleaching

Climate alarmists are back with a new and far-fetched Great Barrier Reef scare, just a few years after their most recent claims of massive...

NY Times Caught Exaggerating Antarctic Ice Loss – If There Is Any Loss at All

The New York Times is attempting to panic people with an article today claiming alarming ice loss in Antarctica. However, as recently as 2015,...

No, Coal Power Plants Did Not Cause Extinctions 250 Million Years Ago

Among the top results this afternoon for a Google News search of “climate change” is an article claiming ancient coal-burning caused a mega-extinction event...

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